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Wesley's Umbrella:

Core Values, Basic Beliefs, Vision and Mission
(Approved February 8, 2009)

Our Motto: "Forward in Faith"
Our Vision: Wesley United Church is a Christian Community focusing on spiritual growth and serving each other and the world.

The Mission is to Be and Make Disciples Our Mission:

To Share the Love of Christ by:
1. Fostering meaningful relationships with God
2. Serving God in the community, the nation and the world
3. Living with respect for God's Creation
4. Nurturing our Christian Community

Our "mission" is a dynamic expression of the totality of our vision, values and beliefs.

Core Values:

    Love... a love that seeks to act in a way that enables the other's highest good.
    Hope (Faith)... the openness to follow what God has revealed through scripture and the spirit.
    Integrity... through reflecting God's caring for us in our relationships with others.
    Peace (Shalom)... seeks mutually enriching, affirming relationships with others and creation.
    Trust... to trust is to know that an unseen presence is there to wrap our lives with love.
    Growth... life-time learning through dialogue with the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and others.
    Joy... of being lifted beyond ourselves to a meaning and purpose greater than ourselves.

Bedrock Beliefs:

    God is revealed through creation, through Jesus, and through the Holy Spirit.
    Scripture inspires as it communicates the truth about life and death and renewal.
    Following Jesus transforms our lives and guides our journey.
    We embrace the mystery of God by accepting gifts of love, forgiveness, and life everlasting.
    Each person is uniquely gifted and called by God into ministry that benefits others.
    We are called to be the church - a community of people ready to serve the world by being the hands and feet of Christ at the points of the world's true need.

Why do we put our mission, vision, core values, and basic beliefs down on paper?

These statement help us set goals. They provide a framework and a clear context to the people who serve on committees, teach our children, and commit our financial resources. They help us identify what we do well, where we are going, and how we can improve. We will be clearer about what is important to the church as a whole.

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Page Revised, December 9, 2009