Storm Reporting

I've taken the training course.. how do I go about reporting this stuff?

During the Summer convective weather season, our team follows a program set forth by the Sullivan Committee (SulCom).
The program is set so that communications are very specific, to the point, and accurate because time is of the essence during severe weather events. There are several criteria that can be reported during a convective weather event. Click on "Convective Weather Criteria" on the Storm Reporting dropdown menu to see what is needed in a report.

During the Winter months, our team follows the same type of program, with the same short and to the point reporting, using social media as the primary means of reporting weather events.
Click on Winter Weather Criteria on the Winter weather dropdown menu to see what is needed in a report.

***Something to know and remember***

The Walworth County Weather Spotters will not take second hand reports.

Reports such as: "My friend just called me and said he saw"... or, "I heard on the radio"... will not be accepted.
Only reports witnessed by you will be accepted and passed on to the National Weather Service.