Thank you for visiting the Walworth County Weather Spotters (WCWS) website.

We are a growing team of volunteers based out of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, recognized and part of the Sullivan Committee (SulCom).  We invite all who have a particular interest in learning what they can about severe weather, how to recognize it, and how to report it.

We help provide the National Weather Service (NWS) in Sullivan, Wisconsin with ground-truth weather reports. We stay in good contact with the Walworth County Emergency Management and work along side with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES).

If learning more about storm spotting is of interest to you, we encourage you to read on. There is a lot of information here to help get you started in severe storm spotting. 

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If you have a scanner, enter and save the following amateur radio frequencies to follow team information, scheduled exercises, and severe storm activations.

146.865 MHz. - (PL. 127.3) W9ELK Repeater - Elkhorn, WI. (Primary)
447.300 MHz. - (PL.123.0) N9LOH Repeater - Elkhorn, WI. (Secondary)

About Our Organization
The Walworth County Weather Spotters are a group of volunteers and weather enthusiasts that provide ground truth reports during severe weather events. Those interested in becoming a part of this spotter team will need to attend a storm spotting class (usually held in late Winter or early Spring) or take an online storm spotting course once every two years.

Become A Spotter
There are many courses you may take to start to learn how to become an effective storm spotter. In fact, it takes many years to become quite knowledgable on how to properly identify severe storms and what to report.
Emergency Management in your county can help provide opportunities for the public to attend storm spotter classes. These classes are free.