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WasabiNet on KSDK News 10/14/2010

WasabiNet on KSDK

"The economics of mesh networks is fascinating and holds out the promise of bringing basic Internet connectivity to all residents of a neighborhood at a minimal cost – and for some residents, at no cost. When I heard about Google's plans to bring gigabit fiber-optic Internet to a given number of communities in the United States, I started monitoring which communities had existing plans to roll out mesh networks. Such networks are often grassroots projects, organized by tech-savvy community activists. One of the most interesting of these is WasabiNet, organized by some good people in St. Louis. A quick perusal of this project's Website reveals that this project is for real and has been well thought out."

WasabiNet in the Riverfront Times 5/28/2009

Here are some examples of the comments we received in response to our original proposal in 2008:
  • “All these proposals sound great, but I think that WasabiNet will help to bridge the community.”
  • “WasabiNet = immediate economic & social impact”
  • “This was tough. My deciding factor was listening to Obama speak about posting government spending online. Obviously, the Obama team is going to use the Internet as a tool and I think we need to show this to the kids who may be influenced by him.”
  • “This (WasabiNet) is a true service to everyone who lives and works along Cherokee.”