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The WasabiNet concept includes several options for getting the word out about WasabiNet to potential subscribers.   The underlying goal is to locate willing subscribers, and then deploy routers and antennae to match the subscriber distribution.  Blanket coverage over the target area does not make sense considering vacant lots, streets, and areas devoid of active subscribers.  We can save substantial costs and time by only deploying to where we know people want it.  Future growth can be as simple as adding another antenna wherever needed.

Street Team
Our marketing budget includes hiring a street team to
  • Canvass door-to-door and distribute door hangers or postcards
  • Canvass on busy Cherokee St. corners
  • Viral marketing: paint sidewalk stencils (with permit) on streets of projected coverage area
Captive Portal
The Captive Portal is the page that wifi users see first after connected to the Wi-Fi network.  They will have to click through the portal to visit anything else, making the portal an ideal location for Benton Park West-focused event listings, community updated, and advertising from local businesses.  The ad revenue would cover some of the Wi-Fi network's operating costs.

In addition, this portal would also work to announce WasabiNet to anyone coming into the neighborhood and looking for Wifi internet access.  That is, they'll connect to the wireless signal on their computer, and first see the portal page telling them what WasabiNet is and how to participate.

Public Kiosk
The public kiosk will be a low-cost touchscreen computer installed in a public area (e.g. the Cherokee St. Business Incubator), and it will feature an interface similar to the Captive Portal: a Benton Park West-focused information outlet listing events, community updates, local ads, and limited provision for Email (and ,maybe Skype too?).

KDHX Underwriting
We would pay an amount for a DJ of our choice to make an announcement like the following ...
"This show is brought to you by WasabiNet, a low-cost community wifi project seeking to bridge the digital divide in Benton Park West.  For more info visit"

To get this started, contact Nico at KDHX here.

Other Outreach
  • Announcements on local email lists
  • Counter top brochures in local business (similar to BUILD St. Louis)
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