Paid Access

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Our business model calls for a $9.99/mo subscription charge for basic 3Mbit residential service.  For this amount, residents would get 24/7 wireless service in their homes and at any of the WasabiNet access points in the mesh, along with monthly updates and invoices over email.  This fee would be roughly equivalent to 5-10 people sharing the cost of a conventional residential DSL account, but it would include all the benefits of a Mesh-Node Wifi network.  Click here to read about our Free Access.

Methods of Payment

WasabiNet, LLC support monthly subscriptions via check and Paypal. 

You can access our Paypal page here.  Our PayPal ID is

Barcode Keychain Fobs

As part of our goal to bridge the Digital Divide and support users who do not have a bank account or credit card, we are researching ways to let users pay for their monthly service using a barcode keychain fob.

That is, a user simply could have this fob scanned at a participating local business such as The Archive bookstore, El Torito supermarket, or Foam Coffeehouse, to refresh their subscription.

Residential Subscriptions

Besides having basic wireless service for $9.99/mo, and we have additional subscription payment plans with faster speeds (e.g. 5Mbits for $20/mo).  To this end, we have submitted a proposal to bring 1Gbit Google Fiber to the Benton Park West neighborhood.

Business Subscriptions

To accommodate the higher traffic demands of business, especially in retail stores like cafes and coffeeshops, we ask a $20/month subscription specifically for participating businesses.  In return for the higher subscription fee, we can offer the business exclusive ad space on our Captive Portal.

Likewise, for businesses that prefer to offer free WiFi service to their customers, we could configure the Mesh to handle an additional router that broadcasts the free signal on a separate channel.  This free service would still be part of the Mesh, but it would only be available in that business (i.e. within the broadcast range of the additional router).  The business would need to provide their own additional WiFi router, or buy one of ours, to supply the free service.