Please note these pages are here for archival purposes. The mesh shut down in 2019.

Welcome to WasabiNet, working to provide low-cost Mesh Wifi to Saint Louis, MO!

New Updates ...- Ben West presented at the Int'l Wireless Summit in Vienna! Check Updates for more.- We also presented recently at the Arch Reactor Open house in June 2010.- We submitted proposal in April 2010 to bring gigabit-speed Google Fiber to your area!Do you want $9.99/month wireless Internet without needing a telephone line, cable TV, or satellite? Do you want free email? Do you want to own your community's Internet network with your neighbors? Are you a local business owner looking to advertise and provide your customers convenient Internet access? Then drop us a line! We will use new Mesh Node technology to bring WiFi to Cherokee Street using inexpensive routers that you just hang on a wall, indoors or outdoors, no wires! Plus, the network will have a multi-lingual information portal with events, community updates, and ads from local businesses (including yours!), along with a public touch screen kiosk. The service is comparable in speed to conventional DSL. Help us put Cherokee on the Grid!How much it costs ...

Other communities who use Mesh Node Wifi...

Strengths of this Proposal...

    • 1st Mesh Node Wifi Network in St. Louis city
    • Bridge the Digital Divide
    • Multi-Lingual Portal and Public Kiosks
    • Self-Sustaining Funding Model: $9.99/mo Subscription & Portal Ad Revenue
    • Could Replace Analog TV as Information Outlet
    • Enhance Community Appeal