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Window, Mirrors & Sliding Glass Doors

“Books are sometimes windows, offering views of worlds that may be real or imagined, familiar or strange. These windows are also sliding glass doors, and readers have only to walk through in imagination to become part of whatever world has been created and recreated by the author. When lighting conditions are just right, however, a window can also be a mirror.

Literature transforms human experience and reflects it back to us, and in that reflection we can see our own lives and experiences as part of the larger human experience. Reading, then, becomes a means of self-affirmation, and readers often seek their mirrors in books.”

-- Dr. Sims bishop

Over the past 5 years, Reed has been adding books to our collections that reflect our awesome and diverse students. Come and find a book that is a window, mirror, and sliding glass door!

If you don't know what to read, just as the librarian, Ms. Fed. She'll help you find a book that will open up a whole new world.

Come and Check Out the Library!

The library is open at

  • Nutrition

  • Lunch

  • After School until 4:00 pm (except on Tuesdays & occasional Mondays)

  • During a class period with a pass from a teacher

You can check out up to 3 books at a time & keep them for 2 weeks. If you need more time, you can renew the book for an additional 2 weeks.

Feel free to lounge on the couches and read, or use the tables and do homework, or use the computers and print items for school work.

Just remember -- you can drink water in the library, BUT you cannot eat in the library.

Battle of the Books 2022-2023

Battle of the Books is a fun reading competition for all Reed students. Teams of 4-6 students read the 20 books on the list and compete in a trivia contest in the spring semester. The top 4 teams move on to compete at our Regional Battle fo the Books.

Ms. Federico will open the registration for teams in September. If you have any questions, come and see Ms. Fed in the library!

Click here for the list!

2022-2023 Battle of the Books List.pdf
AAPI Reading List.pdf