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California Common Core English Language Arts & Literacy inHistory/Social Studies, Science, andTechnical Subjects

Article: Engaging the Adolescent Learner: Text Complexity and Close Readings by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey. International Reading Association, January 2012.

Article: Engaging the Adolescent Learner: Text Dependent Questions by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey. International Reading Association, April 2012.

Literature Circles

Literature circles are an excellent way to promote the reading and discussion of literature. If you have never done literature circles before, come in and talk to Mr. Bobrosky. The links below will provide you with information, and all the forms necessary to conduct the program. We have class sets of books available, which will provide the number of copies you will need. If you schedule the library for one day, we can do a book talk for the titles you have selected before the students choose their books. You can choose additional days if you would like to conduct your first lit circle meetings here in the library.

Literature Circle Instructions Click this link for complete instructions and explanation of the lit circle forms.

Fiction Class Sets Click this link to get a list of all the fiction titles we have in class sets.

Bringing Your Class to the Library


The reservation book is located on the atlas stand in the center of the library. Sign your name for each period requested, and the topic or purpose for your visit. While you can reserve any open period, we request that you reserve at least a week ahead of time so we can pull any special collections you may need, or assist in planning your lesson or project. Please do not schedule the library for a substitute. If you have scheduled the library, and are out unexpectedly, please have a classroom lesson plan prepared, as we will request the substitute to return to the classroom. If you need a special accommodation for a substitute please feel free to discuss it with us.


Prior to coming to the library you can tell your class to meet here, or if you prefer, you can meet in your classroom and escort them to the library. Classes will be requested to line up outside the door until you arrive. A seating chart is provided on the following page to assign student seating, or you can allow us to seat them. Students are expected to conduct themselves as they would in any library. I have only three behavior expectations:

Students will never consume or drink anything in the library. All exposed food or drink will be thrown away

Students will not lean back on the chairs. They are old (circa 1939) and breaking

Students will be courteous enough to act as if they are interested in the instruction provided, will listen, and will not engage in other activities during instruction


Please adhere to our pass policy. It allows us to provide efficient service and manage the needs of your students. When you do not follow the pass policy, you put the library staff and your students in an uncomfortable position.

  • Each student must have a current library pass. Library passes are issued to each teacher at the beginning of the year. If you have lost, or did not receive library passes, contact us and we will make replacements. Phone ext 7643 or come in. Students sent with handwritten passes, agenda books, or old library passes (we change the color each school year) will not be accepted. Destroy all old passes.
  • You may send as many as three students at a time to the library. If you would like to send more than three students, call the library at ext.7643 to make arrangements.
  • If students are coming to check out a book, verify that they have their ID before sending them to the library.
  • If sending a student to do research please use the Research/Internet Use Form (following, you may copy as needed) will help us work efficiently with your students.