• All About NoodleTools •

Reed subscribes to NoodleTools, an online research platform. Each student and teacher has access to Noodletools. Students can create projects, cite their sources (using MLA formatting), write digital notecards, create an outline to organize their notecards, & print or export their works cited and notecards to their Google Docs. Students can also share their projects with their teachers, giving teachers access to their work. Teachers can monitor student progress and make comments on ongoing work. Reed students and teachers have been using NoodleTools for over a decade.

When students first begin using NoodleTools, there is a bit of a learning curve. It takes practice to become a proficient user. After using NoodleTools over 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, it becomes old hat. The tutorials and the handout provided below will help students become proficient users of NoodleTools.

The link to NoodleTools is in the top navigation bar.

NoodleTools User guide

The following tutorial videos will show you how to use NoodleTools successfully.

Creating a NoodleTools Account

Creating a NoodleTools Project and sharing it with a Teacher's Inbox

Citing a Book

Citing a Database

Citing a Website

Writing Notecards

Exporting Your Works Cited &

Notecards to Your Google Docs