Plenary Speaker

Our plenary speaker for the conference was Tess Fitzpatrick from the Centre for Language and Communication Research, Cardiff University, UK. The title of her talk was "Profiling word retrieval behaviour: generic patterns and individual differences." 

Tess Fitzpatrick

Tess Fitzpatrick

Tess Fitzpatrick is Professor of Applied Linguistics in the Centre for Language and Communication Research at Cardiff University. She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in applied linguistics, and directs a distance-learning PhD programme in Lexical Studies, supervising dissertations in vocabulary acquisition, storage and retrieval. Her research interests include lexical processing, second language acquisition, and the development of vocabulary measurement tools. Before coming to Cardiff, Tess worked at Swansea University, and her early career was as an EFL teacher and teacher trainer. Her research is driven by questions of societal and educational concern and she is an advocate of multi-disciplinary research, as exemplified by her recent work with health professionals to enhance mutual understandings in cancer care communication. Tess is currently Chair of the British Association for Applied Linguistics.

Featured Speakers

The following featured speakers presented their work at the conference:

Tom Cobb, Batia Laufer, Paul Nation, Diane Schmitt, Norbert Schmitt, Yukio Tono


Daily Schedule - Version 1.3 (final) (Available here in PDF format)

Conference Handbook (Available here in PDF format)

Day 1 Evening Event:  Conference Banquet (September 12, 2016)
At the end of Day 1, we held our conference banquet at the conference site. The event included live Japanese traditional music followed by dinner and drinks.

Day 2 Evening Event:  "Dinner at Tokyo Bay" (September 13, 2016)
At the end of Day 2, we organized a special "Dinner at Tokyo Bay" evening event at the TY Harbor restaurant in the beautiful Shinagawa Bay area of Tokyo.