Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you offer scholarships?
Sorry, we cannot offer scholarships.

Can you sponsor me for a visa? Can you issue a letter so I can attend the conference?
Most attendees should be able to enter Japan on a normal visa. However for those who need to apply for a visa we are sorry but we cannot sponsor someone's visitor visa, nor can we issues letters to support an application to attend the conference as a visitor. But, we will issue a letter to people who have their conference paper accepted. This means you HAVE TO submit a proposal to present first, then after acceptance you can ask us for the letter. This can then be taken to a Japanese embassy as part of your visa application. There will be NO exceptions to this rule.

Will you provide conference accommodation or help book hotels?
Sorry, we do not offer these services. However, on the Hotels and Accommodation page, we have listed information to help you find a convenient place to stay. 

Can you accommodate my dietary requirements?
Various dietary options are available at the university canteen and restaurants in the area of the campus. We also plan to serve a variety of dishes at the conference banquet that can accommodate most vegetarians. Note, however, that not all vegetarian meals and other special dietary needs can be accommodated. If you have a special dietary need, we recommend that you do an Internet search for a suitable restaurant in the area around the campus.

Poster Sessions
Poster sessions will be held in the main hall.
  • You have a maximum of 90 cm (width) by 180 cm (height) of space to use for your poster.
  • Pins cannot be used on the poster boards so everything must be put up with removable tape. Though we will try to have some extra tape on hand for those who forget to bring some, it would be appreciated if you could try to bring your own tape.
  • Please plan to be near your poster at the poster session times to answer questions.
  • Although there are no “rules” on how to make a poster, posters are a visual communication genre, so it is suggested that you try to limit the amount of text on the poster and try to make sure that the text you do include is readable from at least 1-2 m away from the poster.
  • As people will look at your poster even when you are not present, you should try to create it in a way that allows the audience to understand the key concepts even when they are reading it on their own.
Computer and Internet connections
Each presentation lecture room will be equipped with a LAN Internet-connected PC (Windows), projector, and screen. We recommend any presenters wanting to use the Internet during their presentation to use this equipment. If you choose to use your own computer, you will not be able to use the LAN Internet. However, it will be possible to connect your computer to the projector via a standard RGB cable. Please bring your own computer dongle as necessary.

The university is part of the Eduroam Wifi network, so if your own institution belongs to Eduroam, it should be possible to easily connect via Wifi. Note, however, that the connections in the campus buildings are a little weak and cannot be guaranteed to be sufficient for presentation demonstrations. If you would like us to provide you with a guest Eduroam account, please apply for one here before Sunday August 21st, 2016.

Has the conference really finished?
Yes, we are sorry to say that the conference ended on September 14, 2016. If you would like to host the next Vocab@ conference, we recommend that you contact one or more of the organizers of the first or second Vocab@ conferences and seek their advice on the best way to proceed.