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posted Jul 4, 2011, 12:54 AM by vamsi krishna Veligatla
A simple 2D arcade game written in html5 in just one day (3rd July 2011). I guess ill' keep updating this for some time before moving on. The idea was to create a simple game which would be fun to play and addictive. Found the background music on flashkit.com. 
You can read further about the dev process on my blog.The source code of the game is not obfuscated in any way so you can directly download the source code from the website and check it out.
  • Use mouse or touch screen (on mobile devices) to move the ship around
  • Keep enemies in shield range to disintegrate them and kill them.
  • Pick up power ups. Note that they disintegrate when in the shield region so make sure you pick them quickly.
  • If enemies manage to reach the ship before they die, the ship disintegrates for the duration the enemy is alive.
Game Developed for Experimental Gameplay Project, July 2011
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Since this is a HTML5 based game, you can LAUNCH the game in browser.