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posted Apr 10, 2011, 1:05 AM by vamsi krishna Veligatla
A 2D puzzle game developed using pygame(sdl port to python) and python for pyweek12.The game is inspired by the concept of tangential learning. I tried to incorporate the concepts of electric circuits into a simple puzzle game where the user controls a ball which collects voltage as it hits the wires before finally touching the light bulbs' circuit to light it up (and finish the level). The other interesting experiment i did for this game was to use the svg editor Inkscape as the level editor. You can read about the development story on my blog.
  • Press Left mouse button to place the ball somewhere in the level
  • Drag the mouse around to set the direction of motion
  • Release the mouse to start the motion
Game Developed for PyWeek12, April 2011
You can grab the source code of the game from here
You can grab the windows binary of the game from here