• Wearable Life
    • This project focuses on developing a wrist-worn wearable application and a mobile app that serves as assistive technology to support students with intellectual and developmental disabilities
    • This research project is funded by GMU and conducted in collaboration with the Division of Special Education and DisAbility Research at GMU (MASON LIFE) [Video]
    • This project runs in collaboration with Prof. Anna Evmenova and Prof. Heidi Graff
  • IARPA CREATE Co-Arg: Cogent Argumentation System with Crowd Elicitation
    • This multidisciplinary project focuses on crowdsourcing evidence, argumentation, thinking and evaluation, to support analytic reasoning with structured techniques
    • The project is funded by IARPA in an effort from GMU and collaborators   
  • Usable Privacy
    • This project focuses on understanding the users' behaviors and attitudes related to mobile privacy in order to propose usable solutions
    • This research project is partially funded by GMU and conducted in collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University - Prof. Carol Fung
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  • NSF Amulet
    • This project focuses on the development and user-centered design of a computational jewelry for healthcare applications, such as: behavior change, smoking cessation, obesity and stress management. [VSE News]
    • This research project is funded by NSF and conducted in collaboration with Clemson University - Prof. Kelly Caine and Prof. Jacob Sorber, and Dartmouth College - Prof. David Kotz and Prof. Sarah Lord
  • GMU GEST DC: Gestational ExpoSure to Traffic in the DC Metro Area
    • 2017-2018 George Mason University Provost Award
    • This project explores the usage of a wearable monitor to detect the air pollution in pregnant women and developing a mhealth application and inform them about alternative routes  
    • Collaborators: Jenna Krall, Anna Pollack, Lee
  • Robots engaging elderly in Joint Activities with Music (ReJAM) - during eNTERFACE 2016
    • The ReJAM project aims to develop Robots engaging elderly in Joint Activities to promote physical, cognitive, emotional and social wellbeing.
    • The research team includes TNO, Delft University of Technology, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, George Mason University
  • EU-funded FP7 Serenoa
    • This project focused on context-aware adaptation of user interfaces, it was funded by the EU FP7 program (2010-2013)
    • The research was conducted in collaboration with UCL - Belgium, SAP - Germany, Telefonica - Spain, W3C - France, CTIC - Spain,  ISTI - Italy and W4 - France
  • IBBT Share4Health
    • This project focused on web 2.0 tools (mashups) for healthcare applications (notifications on drug interactions) (2009)
    • The research was funded by IBBT - Belgium and conducted in collaboration between Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) - Belgium, Ghent University - Belgium among other partners
  • FAPESP Tidia-Ae & DiGAE
    • This project focused on e-Learning environments and ubiquitous computing applications for distributed meetings
    • The research was funded by FAPESP - Brazil and conducted in collaboration between USP - Brazil and Unicamp - Brazil