• Wearable Life
    • This project focuses on developing a wrist-worn wearable application and a mobile app that serves as assistive technology to support students with intellectual and developmental disabilities
    • This research project is funded by the ACL National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research and GMU. The research activities are conducted in collaboration with the Division of Special Education and DisAbility Research at GMU (MASON LIFE) [Video]
    • This project runs in collaboration with Prof. Anna Evmenova and Heidi Graff
  • WriteMind
    • This project investigates the mood detection in journaling as a stress relief for caregivers of older adults 
  • Human-Centric Privacy-Preserving Controls for Smart Home Devices
    • This project focuses on understanding the users' behaviors and attitudes related to smart home devices to propose usable privacy solutions
    • This research project is funded by 4-VA and conducted in collaboration with James Madison University - Prof. Ahmad Salman and Virginia Commonwealth University - Prof. Carol Fung
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  • GMU GEST DC: Gestational ExpoSure to Traffic in the DC Metro Area
    • 2017-2018 George Mason University Provost Award
    • This project explores the usage of a wearable monitor to detect the air pollution in pregnant women and developing a mhealth application and inform them about alternative routes  
    • Collaborators: Jenna Krall, Anna Pollack, Yi-Ching Lee
  • NSF Amulet
    • This project focuses on the development and user-centered design of a computational jewelry for healthcare applications, such as: behavior change, smoking cessation, obesity and stress management. [VSE News]
    • This research project is funded by NSF and conducted in collaboration with Clemson University - Prof. Kelly Caine and Prof. Jacob Sorber, and Dartmouth College - Prof. David Kotz and Prof. Sarah Lord
  • IARPA CREATE Co-Arg: Cogent Argumentation System with Crowd Elicitation
    • This multidisciplinary project focuses on crowdsourcing evidence, argumentation, thinking and evaluation, to support analytic reasoning with structured techniques
    • The project is funded by IARPA in an effort from GMU and collaborators
  • Robots engaging elderly in Joint Activities with Music (ReJAM) - during eNTERFACE 2016
    • The ReJAM project aims to develop Robots engaging elderly in Joint Activities to promote physical, cognitive, emotional and social wellbeing.
    • The research team includes TNO, Delft University of Technology, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, George Mason University
  • EU-funded FP7 Serenoa
    • This project focused on context-aware adaptation of user interfaces, it was funded by the EU FP7 program (2010-2013)
    • The research was conducted in collaboration with UCL - Belgium, SAP - Germany, Telefonica - Spain, W3C - France, CTIC - Spain,  ISTI - Italy and W4 - France
  • IBBT Share4Health
    • This project focused on web 2.0 tools (mashups) for healthcare applications (notifications on drug interactions) (2009)
    • The research was funded by IBBT - Belgium and conducted in collaboration between Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) - Belgium, Ghent University - Belgium among other partners
  • FAPESP Tidia-Ae & DiGAE
    • This project focused on e-Learning environments and ubiquitous computing applications for distributed meetings
    • The research was funded by FAPESP - Brazil and conducted in collaboration between USP - Brazil and Unicamp - Brazil