The Human Centric Design Lab joins researchers interested in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), User Experience (UX) and Human Factors (HF). The research topics span across Ubiquitous Computing, Wearable Technologies, Healthcare IT, Social Computing, Web Technologies, Usable Privacy and Frontiers of HCI.

Current Students

PhD Candidates
  • Hui Zheng
  • Pattiya Mahapasuthanon
  • Chola Chhetri
  • Fatemah Husain
  • Tanmoy Chowdhury

Master Candidates
  • Niloofar Kalantari 
Undergraduate Students

  • Sarah Alotaibi [MS AIT]
  • Alaa Zabara [Oscar]
  • Serge [Oscar]

Code of Ethics

    All HCD Lab members should follow the ACM Code of Ethics

  • Getting started in HCI research [1]
  • A manual for graduate students in computing [2]
  • How to read a scientific papers [3]
  • Presenting your research [4]
  • Readings on Human-Centered Design [5]
  • Design Science in Information Systems [6]
  • HCI Resources [7]
  • General resources (presenting, writing, reviewing and networking) [8]
  • Top venues for publication in HCI [9]
  • Introduction to HCI - Crash course video [10]
  • PhD Survival Guide [11]
  • Dissertations - The Not-So-Secret Guide [12]