The Human Centric Design Lab joins researchers interested in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), User Experience (UX) and Human Factors (HF). The research team investigates topics related to Ubiquitous Computing, Wearable Technologies, Healthcare IT, Social Computing, Web Technologies, Usable Privacy and Frontiers of HCI.

Code of Ethics & Code of Conduct

All HCD Lab members should follow the ACM Code of Ethics and the W3C Code of Conduct

Graduate Students

PhD Candidates

  • Pattiya Mahapasuthanon

  • Chola Chhetri

  • Niloofar Kalantari

  • Anika Islam

  • Huning Feng

Master Candidates

  • co-advising Poliana Nascimento Ferreira

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Leela Yaddanapudi [Oscar]


  • Hui Zheng, PhD

  • Yoseif Berhe [Oscar]

  • Raul Puza [Oscar]

  • Joseph Aversa

  • Jacob Cox

  • Olga Lorenz

  • Chris Hill

  • Jesus Garcia

  • Jed Suyat [Oscar / FWS]

  • Nina Eisenberg - blog [CRA DREU]

  • Kelly Glebus and Mia Cornwell - video [NSF REU]

  • Sarah Alotaibi [MS AIT]

  • Alaa Zabara [Oscar]

  • Serge [Oscar]


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