2017-2018 Update


  • Fixed a problem with the citation counts that were incorrectly copied
  • Added more abstracts and original author names (19/2/2019)

The 2017 and 2018 data is finally in. It took a while since I was waiting for the VAST 2017 conferences to finally appear in the digital library. For the 2018 update I decided to no longer wait for the VAST conference papers. Therefore, this update includes all 2017 data and the VAST, InfoVis, and SciVis journal papers. The VAST 2018 conference papers are still not out.

Florian Heimerl once again helped by extracting all internal citations.

New this year: Natkamon Tovanich helped to extract citation counts for all papers from Aminer and IEEEXplore - as well as a count of how many papers are cited from a particular paper. Hence, the columns have changed slightly.

Finally, I also simplified column names - as the previous ones were just unhandy.