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We are making available a dataset that contains information on IEEE Visualization (IEEE VIS) publications from 1990-2015. The dataset includes a variety of information about each paper including title, authors, DOI, etc., as well as a list of the citations to other previous VIS papers. To download the dataset open the Google spreadsheet through the link below and choose File->Download as. If you spot errors in the dataset feel free to leave a comment in the respective cells. We will try to maintain and fix the spreadsheet.

Look at and download complete dataset here and get detail on the columns and how we assembled it on the Data Details page.

Current version: 7.00

Existing Visualizations about the Dataset

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Paper quest - Ponsard et al. (link to paper pdf)

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KeyVis - Isenberg et al. (link to paper pdf)

Others involving paper publications :


If you use this dataset or the image above we would appreciate a citation.

Petra Isenberg, Florian Heimerl, Steffen Koch, Tobias Isenberg, Panpan Xu, Chad Stolper, Michael Sedlmair, Jian Chen, Torsten Möller, and John Stasko. A Metadata Collection about IEEE Visualization (VIS) Publications. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 23(9):2199–2206, September 2017. (doi: 10.1109/TVCG.2016.2615308)

(pdf) (doi)

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IEEE VIS 2017 Presentation

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