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Visitor open day

From this.....                                                                To this. (The opening on 6/11/2016)

Visitor open day

(Update 26/6/2017)
Visit us   Open days   every Sunday from 1 till 4pm. (Except days of Total Fire Ban)
                    At any other time you can collect a key from Kim at the orange takeaway cafe.
                   Groups such as schools can make an appointment for other more suitable times. 0408 547015
                   Please note that for your safety we will not be open on days of total fire ban.
               Dogs on leads are welcome.
Click here to see a calendar of events

Tour Information: Our volunteers are happy to give details of the mount, or you can click here for a map and self-guided tour details.


safety issues
The Mount is closed on Total Fire Ban days.
Mount Elephant tracks are very steep and uneven.            so:   It is a mountain, not a walk in the park. Keep to marked tracks.
There is a risk of tripping or falling over.                                      Wear stout boots. Walk carefully and do not run.
There is a risk of rolling rocks.                                                     Do not walk downhill of others.
The complete circuit is about 2 km of hard walking.                    People with heart and breathing problems take care.
The weather is usually windy and often hot, cold or raining.       Dress accordingly and carry water and food and clothing.
The western slope is very steep. You may fall off a cliff.            Do not cross to the west of the rabbit fence, and keep to tracks.

However,         the experience is sensational and the views are stunning!!