2010 to today

(Update 23/7/2018)

July 2012 Buninyong ps.
Buninyong school visit July 2012
Click here for calendar of coming events and photos of some past events.

30/9   Working bee to prepare for Waking the Giants.
17/9  James Buchholz install carpark floodlights and toilet sensors.
17/9    CPL install toilet vents.
17/9   Banquet chairs delivered.
13/9   Colac activity group for morning tea,
12/9?  Gary Poole install picture rails.
6 to 10/9  Plant 70 Banksia project trees by top gate and enclosures.
3/9      Lismore and Derri schools plant trees in old school plantation
16/7    Derri College interviews
11/7    County Helicopters spray patersons curse and heliootrope.
24/6    Banksia project launch
23/6    Dry Stone Wall Assn AGM, lunch
13/6    james Wale agriculture meeting
28/5    terang Elderly Citizens
27/5    Ballarat Art gallery Von Guerard tour 
27/5    Lions Zone meeting
25/5    Geelong College yr 8 geography
23/5    Niree Bingham visit
21/5    Camperdown Elderly citizens
29/4    Ballarat Art gallery Von Guerard tour
20/4    Buninyong Primary School
14/4    Mike Smith visit
4/4    Portland Probus
25/3    Ballarat Art gallery Von Guerard tour
19/3    Copperfield College geology visit
13/3    Probus Ross Whitefield
19/2    Garden club visit
14/2    Portland Probus
12/2    Skipton Senior Citizens
11/2    Camperdown wine and cheese day
26/1    Rotary Ballarat visit

 2018 above

20/12    DELWP regional forum
16/12    SW Health breakup
15/12    Shire Flood committee meeting
7/12    RSL tea
28/11    Lions dinner
16/11   GORT "I am Volcanic Lakes and Plains" launch.  Lauren    100
16/11    Pajero 4WD club  15
15/11   U3A lunch and talk. Lauren  50
12/11  Working Bee 6
4/11/17  GMcG Warriors Friends 26
23/10/17 GMcG Northern Rivers Bushwalkers 26
15/10/17  GMcG International Parks Tours 7
9.10/17  Plant 20 banksia seed orchard at top gate
1/10/17   Plant 20 banksia seed orchard at car park ridge.
17/9/17   Timboon Cubs 5?
10/9/17   Sarto birthday 20
3/9/17   Harrison birthday. Lauren 20
7/9/17   Thursday Fellas 20
3/9/17   Fathers Day devonshire tea 16
1/9/17   Shire Environmental Health Regional Meeting 15?
16/8/17  Tree planting old school plantation 550 trees. Derri College. Lismore P.S. 30?
15/8/17  MECM AGM and dinner catered by Lauren McLennan. Speaker Bill Weatherly 20
24/7/17 Mount Elephant strategy planning workshop 20
9/7/17  Tucker birthday 20
9/7/17  NAIDOC Wayapa Wuurrk event, lower flag.
6/7/17   County Helicopters spray for patersons curse
2/7/17   NAIDOC week event with raising of flag and nature for kids.
1/7/17   Start using "Freeaccountingsoftware.com.au for accounts.
28/6/17  Visit by Ballarat information Centre volunteers.
13/6/17   CCMA Plains Tender forum.
30/5/17  GORT photo shoot for advert of the area.
15/5/17  Geelong College yr 11 visit.
5/5/17    Geelong College yr 8 visit.
2/5/17    Buninyong PS visit.
10/4/17  Melb Uni Landscape Architecture visit.
2/4/17    "Nuture in Nature" session for the young.
23/3/17    Koonung College yr 11 geography visit.
22/3/17  Copperfield College yr 11 geography visit.
15/3/17   Focus on Hamilton highway meeting venue.
16/3/17   DELWP update meeting venue.
March 17 Wanderer butterfly caterpillars active on the swan plants. Pupate at end of March till about Nov.
              Corangamite Shire meeting.
26/1/17? Mounted replacement firewatch webcam on the summit.

2017 above

17/11/16  Port Campbell Info Centre visit for Chinese New Year Advertising campaign.
13/11/16  Start developing the Mount Elephant Centre website
8/11/16  20 members of the Amateur Geological Society of the Hunter Valley Inc. called today.
6/11/16  Official opening of the Mount Elephant Centre.
1/10/16 First edition of email newsletter "Mount Elephant Update".
1/9/16   MEC roof on and to lockup stage. Now installing fittings and external plumbing.
9/8/16   Ballarat DHS group called on their cultural awareness tour of the area.
20/7/16 Danielle Green called. Is parliamentary secretary to minister Jaala Pulford.
6/6/16  Australian Geographic called and took photos for a story.
1 june   Spray paterson curse County Air, 1.5 MCPA750, 0.05 lontrel
28 may pour MEC slab. Building steadily progresses from here.
16 April    Geelong College year 11
3 May    Geelong College year 8
27 April Buninyong PS visit
21 April    John Coutts UM visit
5 April    bait rabbits, remove webcam for winter.
24 March   Contract signed with the builders
17 March    Kunung College visit. Crown weevil adults found on patersons curse
2 Jan.        Mounted a webcam on the summit.

2016 (above)

19 sept          Mount Elephant Centre plan submitted for planning permit.
17 sept        Green army erect treeguards and continue tracks.
16 August       Found many "taproot flea beetles" on the patersons curse
10 August       MECM AGM 7.30 at Front Paddock cafe.
11 August      Tree planting with primary schools.
9 August       Tree planting with Vertical Burials Friends Group.
9 June  County Helicopters spray 2 l/ha Agritone, wetter on 45 ha for patersons curse.
27 May  Jake Kelly meet MECM to inspect Mount Elephant Centre site.
14 May   Green Army supervisor check planned projects
7 May     Geelong College year 11 geography visit.
4 may        Geelong College year 8 geology visit.
19 march    Overnewton College visit
17 March    Bait rabbits.
16 March     Committee inspect CfN projects.
15 Feb  Market to Mount Fun Run
? Feb    Workshop with Julie Slifirski to plan work areas for Visitor Centre.

2015 (above)

9 Dec Film "Terra Firma" made over 3 days. Click here for details.
10Nov?. County Helicopters spray new areas of paterson's curse with same mix.
6 Nov    Hon. Terry Mulder announce State Govt funding for Visitor Centre.
20 June Curtin University PhD project to date the eruptions of Mount Elephant using pyroxene.
5 June    County helicopters spray patersons curse and mustard (with 2-4D amine, metsulfuron, penetrant)
June This web site hits its 100Mb capacity. Working to reduce photograph sizes.
1 June   Ballarat motor cycle club
7 April   Copperfield College
27 March  Overnewton College.
16 March  Market to Mount Fun Run. Click here for photos.
Feb 14  Commence opening every Sunday 1 to 4pm.

2014 (above)

Dec 13    Series of consultations with community and stakeholders looking at the viability of a Visitor Centre.
20Nov13  Alistair Tune builds a stone entrance. (Uebergang funding.)
17Sept13  Plant trees inside crater
9Sept13    AGM. Geoff Henderson now President, Gert Stammberger Vice-President.
5sept13    Camperdown walking group visit. Met 3 kangaroos at summit.
28aug13    Helicopter spray paterson curse rosette 65ha with 0.7lt Igran, 0.44lt MCPA. (CFOC funding)
Aug   13   Lismore and Derri primary schools planted trees on the south west corner.
August 13    ballast pit open for railway centenary.
August 13 Buninyong primary school visit.  
July 13    Dan Tehan visit.
June 13    Murray Valley Landcare visit.
June 13    Awarded State Govt grant of $30000 "Putting Locals First Program" for Mount Elephant Visitor Centre Business Planning project.
May 13    Geelong College year 9 geography students.
May 13    Melb Univ Envir Management students.
April 13    Vintage motor scooter visit
April 13    Copperfield College visit
April 13    Aerial bait rabbits with 1080. Follow up with ground baiting. (CFOC funding)

2013 (above)

6/11/12   Sprayed 20ha patersons curse with helicopter. (1.5lit 24Damine, 10gm brushoff. early flower.)
19/8/12 Sprayed patersons curse and thistles by helicopter. (1lit agtryne, .2lit lontrel, rosettes,running up)
27/7/12 Lismore primary school tree planting old pine plantation at western end.
25/7/12 Buninyong primary school visit.
July 12  Replaced the lower buckets and pipes of the bore at south east corner.
June 12 replaced the motor of the bore pump.
April?12 Area rezoned by Shire from "agricultural" to "multipurpose"
2012 (above)

Sept11 Spray patersons curse by helicopter.
Installed "Lesley's Track" from Herds Rd along the eastern boundary to the northern railway pit.

Sept10 Aerial spray patersons curse by helicopter.
Corangamite shire commence rehabilitation work at the northern end of the quarry pit.
1500 trees planted on south east side of western quarry.