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(Page updated 15/4/2013)

These photos come from many sources.
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Mr Yourn, G.Night 1910, SLV collection
Mr Yourn by G.Knight 1910. SLV collection

Mr Yourn, G.Knight steriograph 1910, SLVcollection

Von Guerard Larra with Mount Elephant, 1858
(private owner)

Traces of ballast pit rail line

rail track enlarged

Traces of original subdivision fence

southwest fence extension
southwest fence extension

northwest fence extension
northwest fence extension

Remnants of original trees
sheoak north rim
sheoak remnant north rim

NGV Von Guerard 1857,  SLV collection

G.Knight 1910
View east from summit, G.Knight 1910, SLV collection.

under snow, 1927

traces of old rail track
traces of rail line to north of highway

south west fence
southwest subdivision fence

southwest fence2
southwest fence2

sheoak remnant east crater
sheoak remnant east crater

Loading scoria, 1910, museum vic.

Ballast workers 1910, SLV collection

About 1940. Who are they?

von guerard crater sketch (SLNSW)
Von Guerard crater, 1857 (state library NSW)
(see link below for more brilliant sketches!)
vonguerard sketch point
same sketch point now.

old north east subdivision
old northeast subdivision fence

northeast fence extension
northeast fence extension

sheoak2 east crater
sheoak on east crater