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Trio Gatherings provide a relaxed, neutral  place where colleagues can interact on important topics for mutual learning and mutual support. They are informal and not sponsored by any organization/group. The gatherings are part of our commitment to encourage “global integration”—connecting relationally and contributing relevantly on behalf of the major issues facing humanity and in light of our core values and integrity. The hosts (Michèle and Kelly O'Donnell) are consulting psychologists working in the areas of personnel development for international organisations, humanitarian psychology, anti-corruption advocacy/action, and global mental health. The gatherings are done in sets of three, hence "Trio."

Update January 2020
: We have taken a pause in our Trio Gatherings since 2017, primarily in order to help care for our parents, and hence being away much of the time form our home/base in Geneva. We have nonetheless hosted some similar events over the past two years which overlap with the purposes of Trios. Trios to be continued though we hope in due course!

Global Citizenship
A trio of gatherings for mutual learning and support
Trio--2016, Geneva area
Poppy fields outside of Geneva

Trio 14: Global Citizenship for Eradicating Poverty (Saturday 22 October, film/discussion of Poverty Inc.--17 October is  International Day for the Eradication of Poverty)

Trio 15: Global Citizenship and Sustainable Peace (Saturday 12 November, following Geneva Peace Week)

Extra Trio session: Click HERE for more information
Trio 16:
 Living in Integrity as Global Citizens (Saturday 10 December 2016; video on moral courage, brief readings, discussion, applications; note that 9 December is International Anti-Corruption Day and 10 December is International Human Rights Day)

Building the Future We Want--Being the People We Need
A trio of gatherings for mutual learning and support
Trio--March 2015, Geneva area
Winter view of Alps/Mount Blanc (Spring is en route!)

Trio 10: Challenges in Integrating Global Mental Health and Transcultural Psychiatry
Details: 2 March 2015, Monday. We watched the live webinar (organised by the Society for the Study of Psychiatry and Culture) at our home from 19:00-20:30 followed by more discussion. 
Click here for more information

Trio 11: World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behavior
Details: 9 March 2015, Monday. The event was from 13:00-14:30 (presentation and discussion of the report) at the Graduate Institute of Geneva. We then met at our home after this event (organised by the 
Graduate Institute of Geneva, World Bank Group, IFRC, and World Vision) from 18:30—20:30. Click here for more information

Trio 12: Leadership Challenges in a World of Turmoil
Details: The debate was on 12 March 2015, Thursday, 18:30 at the UN Assembly Hall, Palais des Nations, Geneva.  It was organised by: the Sergiio Viera de Mello Foundation and the Graduate Institute of Geneva.We met at our home two days later, Saturday 14 March. 10:00—noon, for further discussion Click here for more information

Note: CNN Broadcast
- You can watch the event on CNN International on Thursday 12 March at 20:00, and then again at 23:00
- The event will also be available on the Graduate Institute’s YouTube channel in the coming days. More information:

Virtue in a Virulent World
A trio of gatherings for mutual learning and support
Trio--Winter 2014-2015, CT, USA
Sunset towards Long Island Sound, Waterford Connecticut USA

This set of Trio gatherings took place in Connecticut, USA. They were oriented towards those who practice Christian spirituality and thus included Christian perspectives and Scriptures as part of the materials. Click here to access the materials and links: https://sites.google.com/site/virtrios/home/invite-trio-7-9 

Trio 7: 8 December 2014
Loving Truth and Peace (based on Zechariah 8:19)
Power point presentation

Trio 8: 13 December 2014
The End of the Age and the Age of Sustainable Development
Readings: UN Secretary General's Synthesis Report on the Post 2015 Development Agenda (December 2014), etc. 
Media: Rev. Chuck Smith's New Years Eve Message 31 December 1974 and Dr. Jeffrey Sachs lecture #70 2014 on Sustainable Development

Trio 9: 17 January 2105
Living with Integrity and Courage
Readings: Matthew 10, Luke 6, High-Virtue Humans
Videos: Lucifer Effect by Dr. Phil Zimbardo (Stanford), What I Saw in War by Janine Di Giovanni (Newsweek)

Protecting People and Promoting Wellbeing
A trio of gatherings for mutual learning and support
Trio--Summer 2014 Geneva area
This field of sunflowers is just outside of Geneva. It's summer!

We have had another round of three informal get-togethers at our home this summer. This second “trio of gatherings” explored three important areas related to human wellbeing and protection: safety for humanitarian workers, support for global mental health/suicide prevention, and human security/sustainable development goals. Each gathering built upon a special event that was happening around the same time. Space was limited to 12 people.  Kelly and Michèle (mcaresources@gmail.com)

Trio 4: Tuesday 19 August, 15:00-17:00+
Safety and Support for Humanitarian Workers
This gathering features the live, online video stream from Humanitarian Policy Group on “Aid in danger: Violence against aid workers and the future of humanitarianism” followed by group interaction for personal/professional applications. Some related documents: Some related resources: UNHCR’s  Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Staff (2013), UNHCR; Health Care in Danger , ICRC; Operational Security Management in Violent Environments (2010), Humanitarian Policy Group; and Approaches to Staff Care in International NGOs (2009), People in Aid/InterHealth. Refreshments provided.
World Humanitarian Day is 19 August.

Trio 5: Saturday, 6 September, 10:00-12noon+
Support for Global Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
This gathering will continue the interactions from two events in the week: a) the two-day WHO mhGAP Forum (4-5 September, focusing on global mental health and suicide prevention); and b) the NGO Forum for Heath’s Global Mental Health Briefing (3 September, focusing on “human dignity and advocacy/access to mental health care). There will be two short videos on mental health around the world and a special group exercise to identify your personal/professional support network. Some reference documents are: WHO Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020, Mental Health and the Post 2015 Development Agenda (MGMH), and the World Suicide Report (launched 5 September). Refreshments provided. 
Note: World Suicide Prevention Day is 10 September World Mental Health Day is 10 October.

Trio 6: Saturday 20 September, 10:00—12noon+
Security for All People and the Sustainable Development Goals
This gathering will include updates from the UN General Assembly’s High Level Meeting on the Post 2015 Development Agenda with a focus on human security and peace along with personal/professional applications (e.g., see concept note and programme for 12-13 September). The initial document for reference is the Open Working Group’s recommendations for the sustainable development goals (July 2014, 17 proposals and 169 targets) and a short video TBA (e.g., human security). Refreshments provided.
Note: More reference docs will be forthcoming. 

Work-Life Balance

A trio of gatherings for mutual learning and support

Trio--Autumn 2013 Geneva area

View of the Jura Mountains, from Cessy France

Getting started...
n November 2013 we invited colleagues to come to our home in the Geneva area and delve into the topic of work-life balance. We had three informal gatherings (max 12 people). We emphasised our own self-care in the context of our impacting serious problems in the world as “forces for good.” Each week had a different theme interwoven with work-life balance—courage, contentment, and compassion—and involved an assessment tool, a brief reading, and interactions, These gatherings offered a safe “reflective space”  for personal growth and mutual learning/support, and were much appreciated by the participants.

Trio 1.     Sunday, 3 November 2103, 2-4pm:

Work-Life Balance and Courage.

(brief online assessment and brief reading TBA). Moderator: Michèle.


Trio 2.     Saturday, 16 November 2013, 10-12 noon:

Work-Life Balance and Contentment.

(brief online assessment and brief reading TBA). Moderator: Kelly.


Trio 3.     Saturday, 30 November 2013, 10-12 noon:

Work-Life Balance and Compassion.

(brief online assessment and brief reading TBA). Moderator: Kelly.

(c) 2013-2020 Kelly and Michele O'Donnell

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