Vegetarian communal dining

in the centre of Odense

Nedergade 6, first floor, 5000 Odense

join a volunteer cooking team

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Kærnehuset is a cosy little eating place where you can enjoy delicious vegetarian food in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are usually open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, Please see the front page to check this weeks opening days.

The meal is served at 6 p.m,

Kærnehuset is a popular place to eat due in part to the unique atmosphere - it's not like a restaurant, it's more like visiting somebody's home. We'd be happy to see you, even if you're just passing through Odense.

To eat at Kærnehuset you must be a member. You can buy the membership when you pay for the meal. Please see prices below.


Dinner: 50kr (students 40kr)

month membership: 40kr (students 20kr)

year membership: 300kr (students 150kr)

(calendar year)

Tea/coffee & cake: 5kr + 10kr if there is cake :)

Healthy and cheap

Being a vegetarian restaurant you can only eat vegetarian food at Kærnehuset. Although eggs and milk are often used, vegans can be reassured that the menu is usually a varied one. As far as possible we use ecologically grown vegetables. If the cooks feel like it, they will make a delicious dessert. Tea and coffee are available.

The idea is that you can eat as much as you like knowing that the food is fresh, tasty, healthy, cheap and the surroundings are cheerful and cosy.


We do not serve alcohol, but there's a ready supply of tap water. You may however bring your own drinks.

Who makes the food?

All the food is made by volunteers. Of course you can eat at Kærnehuset without volunteering to cook. If though you would like to try, it's a good way to learn vegetarian cooking and to meet a variety of people.

The volunteer cooks pay only 40 kr for the meal (students 30 kr). The day you cook, you eat for free.


We always have interesting artists exhibiting paintings or pictures. Contact Kærnehuset if you want to suggest an artist or have any of your own artworks that you would like to exhibit. Both professional artists and serious amateurs are very welcome to join with their works. Most exhibitions last 1 or 2 months. Bring along a price list and you may be able sell some of your works too!