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The Song & the Slogan Emmy Winning Performance Documentary

A PBS Television's Emmy winning "The Song and Slogan" performance documentary celebrating the life and work of poet Carl Sandburg, features
a musical adaptation celebrating the life and work of poet Carl Sandburg, features a musical adaptation of the poet’s "Prairie" filmed and performed in a natural prairie setting in Central Illinois. The documentary also  received numerous Emmy nominations for best performing arts/ entertainment, music, director, videography, music producer & conductor. Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Abraham Lincoln biographer, novelist, journalist, children's author, and troubadour of American folk songs, Carl Sandburg has long been one of America's most beloved poets. A man of the people, born in Galesburg, IL, Sandburg toured the country during the Great Depression making speeches on behalf of working people & peppering his talks by performing folk songs. 

Opera star & UI Distinguished Alumni Jerry Hadley commissioned Emmy winning composer Daniel Steven Crafts to write a new vocal chamber work scored for tenor, piano, cello, flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, banjo, percussion, & conductor (now available in
a larger orchestral version). Seeds of the production were developed & finalized in Urbana, IL. 

More information on WILL-TV’s award winning documentaries is available at these links: http://will.illinois.edu/tv/documentaries & http://will.illinois.edu/pressroom/P110/. Production photos, video, sound files, and memorial tributes to Jerry Hadley, used with permission, are available on this page.

David Hartman & Jerry Hadley at the Krannert Center for the
World Premiere of
"The Song and the Slogan on Nov. 14, 2000.                                             Cellist/Music & Associate Producer                                                                                                                                                          Barbara Hedlund
Sound Files
To order a copy of the Emmy winning documentary, go to:
Video links to the "Song and the Slogan" Emmy winning PBS Performance Documentary -
Below are links to
the "composer's cuts"  & WILL-TV original video links to "The Song and the Slogan".

WILL- TV's links to the original "The Song & the Slogan" video: 

Remembering Jerry Hadley (June 16, 1952-July 18, 2007)
Barbara Hedlund,
Apr 4, 2014, 7:41 PM