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The Song & the Slogan Emmy Winning Performance Documentary

 The Emmy winning PBS Television's performance documentary celebrating the life and work of poet Carl Sandburg, The Song and Slogan, features a musical adaptation of the poet’s "Prairie" performed in a natural prairie setting. Opera star Jerry Hadley, who performed the work with an instrumental ensemble, commissioned Emmy winning composer Daniel Steven Crafts to write the new vocal chamber work scored for tenor, piano, cello, flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, banjo, percussion,
& conductor.

A larger orchestral version
with more strings will also be available soon. The "Song & the Slogan" would be an excellent work to perform on your 2017 concert programs in tribute to the 50th anniversary of Carl Sandburg's passing.

Production photos, video, sound files, and memorial tributes to Jerry Hadley are available on this page. More information on WILL - TV’s
award winning documentaries is available at http://will.illinois.edu/tv/documentaries & http://will.illinois.edu/pressroom/P110/.

                                                  All Hedlund & WILL TV photos and PR information for this site are used with permission 
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The Song & the Slogan

Production Information                               
Sound Files
To order a copy of the Emmy winning documentary, go to:
Video links to the "Song and the Slogan" Emmy winning PBS Performance Documentary - Below are links to the "composer's cuts"  & WILL-TV original video links to the "Song and the Slogan".

WILL- TV's links to the original "The Song & the Slogan" video: 

Remembering Jerry Hadley (June 16, 1952-July 18, 2007)
Barbara Hedlund,
Apr 4, 2014, 7:41 PM