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"Sadie Thompson" EbertFest Silent Film & Live Sound Track Production

Silent Film "Sadie Thompson" with a new, live musical sound track
by Joseph Turrin,
erformed by
he first and only regional orchestra 
to perform 
at the Ebert Festival!)

         News Gazette Photo
Roger Ebert's personal feedback to the CUSO - May 15, 2007
“Thank you!!! The performance was a highlight of the first nine years. So many of our visitors were impressed
by the quality of the performance and music, and the overall impact of the program.”  Cheers,  RE

At noon on Fri., April 27, 2007 in The Historic Virginia Theater, for the opening film, a 19 piece ensemble from
The Champaign Urbana Symphony
produced by
1stChoice Music Services, performed Joseph Turrin’s musical score to the 1928 Classic Silent Film, "Sadie Thompson", featuring legendary actors Gloria Swanson, Lionel Barrymore, and Raoul Walsh.
Here is a YouTube link to brief live performance footage.

2007 Ebertfest reviews of "Sadie Thompson"
with a new musical score by Joseph Turrin     

NEWS GAZETTE April 28, 2007  Roger Ebert Film Festival Review  
"Symphony of Silence, Sound" - Silent and Symphony Orchestra don’t often
go together. 
But for "Sadie Thompson", Friday’s opening movie at Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival, the coexistence was bliss.” 

      Ferdy on Films  Marilyn Ferdinand Review
  "The entire Turrin score was performed by the Champaign Urbana Symphony
  Orchestra & conducted with a sure touch for movie accompaniment - an art
 unto itself by Steven Larsen. This, my first film of the festival, was an absolute joy and revelation."
Reviews from productions in New York,Oregon, & Massachusetts
"With a musical score by Joseph Turrin, Sadie Thompson is a work that must be seen."
- NY DAILY NEWS (3/87)

"One of the most impressive aspects of this restored version of 'Sadie Thompson' is an outstanding musical score by Joseph Turrin. Few musicians have written feature-length scores for the silent films in the last 60 years, but Turrin produced one that follows the film meticulously and is good listening besides."  
- THE OREGONIAN (4/16/87)

"Turrin's charming score enhances a unique classic silent film experience. At Dartmouth College, it was a delight for the audience, as well as the players."
Max Culpepper, Conductor, DARTHMOUTH COL

Roger Ebert Film Festival/Sadie Thompson Feature Article
ontents: program notes by Kristin Thompson, & The Creation of the Sadie Thompson Film Score, Article by Barbara Hedlund, Producer/CUSO Principal Cellist

Film Festivals which produced Sadie Thompson with live orchestra
Dartmouth College

Roger Ebert                                     

Barbara Hedlund & Joseph Turrin with the Ebertfest Thumbs Up Award

Brief Film Synopsis
Sadie, a girl trying to hide her identity in the South Seas, meets Sergeant O'Hara, a marine, and promises to marry him. Alfred Atkinson, a tyrannical reformer, obsessed with her "immorality," makes life unpleasant for her and threatens to give her up to the police. When she reforms, he seduces her, then he commits suicide. She is reunited with her lover, & they leave for Australia.

Film Cast & Crew - Story & Screenplay by W. Somerset Maugham                
Raoul Walsh, Director & Sgt. Tim O'Hara                                                         
Gloria Swanson, Sadie Thompson                                                                    

Lionel Barrymore, Alfred Atkinson
Blanche Frederici,
 Mrs. Atkinson

To view a digital copy of the movie, plus rent the film (distributors Milestone Film & Video) & music for live chamber orchestra performances (97 minutes), contact Joseph Turrin or Barbara Hedlund 

Chamber Orchestra instrumentation 
(21 +) conductor, 2 flutes (2nd fl./piccolo), 1 oboe, 2 clarinets (2nd cl./bass clarinet), 2 bassoons, 2 horns,
2 trumpets, 2 trombones, 2 horns, 2 celli (with optional up to 8),1 double bass, piano or digital piano,
2 percussion
(snare drum, bass drum), cymbals (suspended & crash), tom toms (high & low), triangle,
bongos,timpani (2 drums),
trap set, xylophone, vibraphone                                     

For more photos & festival information, see the Ebertfest 9 Photo Blog

The 2007 “Sadie Thompson” EbertFest Orchestra (Ronald Hedlund personal photos used with permission)  


Steve Larsen
                    Trumpet         Chad Daigle
Flutes        Mary Chapman                                  
   Reed Gallo
              Amanda Pond                    Trombone        Nathan Newman
Oboe         John Dee                                         G David Peters
Clarinet      Marina Antoline                  Percussion       Matt Jaworski             
Carl Johnson                     Timpani          Eric Harbeson
Bassoon      Terry Maher         
           Piano             Gordon Wilson
                Katie Seidel                   Cello/Producer   Barbara Hedlund
Horn         Kazimierz Machala                                 Frances Reedy
             Tony Licata                       Bass             Margaret Briskin    

Roger Ebert and News Gazette Film Critic & UHS Echo Editor Alex Hedlund
Glen Harriger photo used with permission

Special notice !!! No friend, supporter, business, sponsor, or performer listed on this web page solicited a posting on this tribute page. This page was created in 2007 by 1st Choice Music Services, event  sponsor, performer, & co-musical producer. This archival page was built to commemorate the event for performers, composer, audience, and festival participants. The list below expresses our continuous appreciation to friends and supporters who assisted the Champaign Urbana Symphony Orchestra's 2007 Ebert Festival performance. The only implication to be drawn should be one of sincere thanks.

With our thanks to the following supporters, friends, and sponsors below for
2007 Roger Ebert Film Festival production assistance

The CU Symphony Management, Board of Directors, & Guild
● William Volk & 
The Mass Transit District     
● Composer Joseph Turrin 
 The Ebert Festival & 2007 UI College of Media Staff:
   Roger Ebert, Nancy Casey, 
Mary Susan Britt, Dean Ron Yates, & Nate Kohn
Virginia Theater Stage Manager Mike Frederick
● Liz & Terry Hawkins at Skins N’ Tins Drum Shop
● Ralph Senn & Garcia's Pizza in a Pan
● Dan Wheatman & Schnucks
Melissa Merli & the News Gazette
● Gary, Tom, & Jeff (last names removed 7.13.2012 to protect these generous sponsors) 
CU Theater Company: John Stuff & the late
   Robert Smith (deceased 2011)                                        
● UI Professor of Jazz Chip McNeil          
UI Professor of Percussion William Moersch                                         
● UI School of Music Events Program Coordinator Ruth Stoltzfus     
● Bass-baritone Ronald Hedlund                                                                                                                                                     Gary O’Brien Popular Master of Ceremonies & Radio Host
 UI Opera Music Director Maestro Eduardo Diazmuñoz
Eric Harbeson, Percussionist & Music Librarian
John Frayne &
1st Choice Music Services