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Bypass the problems so many clients have experienced. Save your mental health. 1st Choice Music Services is your "one stop shopping place" when your life requires live music: strings, vocalists, piano, brass, dance bands & combos, bagpipers, harpists, organists, folk music groups, & orchestras.

Take advantage of the Prairie Mother's 25 years of business & performing experience in Central Illinois, plus over forty years of success in the music business. “The Prairie Mother”, award winning cellist Barbara Hedlund will share your stress, do the worrying for you, and get the job done properly.

“The Prairie Mother" secure CU's premiere performers, ensure they show up on time, are dressed properly, and is available daily to answer your questions, offers support and suggestions to alleviate your anxieties, 
                     1st Choice Photo Courtesy Crystal Belton
offers budgetary options & music choice suggestions & sound files, plus provides moral support as you plan
the music for your special event. During your in house consultation session, suggestions are offered for
locating area vendors, suitable locations, and make all necessary plans to handle your live music needs.
We have no financial agreements with area vendors, nor do you pay additional fees for the referrals.
We offer referrals based purely on first hand experience with their services.

Before you think about engaging student ensembles, ask yourself these questions & decide if this is the negative experience you want to have in planning music for your special event. Has this happened to you or someone you know? Are they hard to reach or did not reply to your inquiries? Will they agree to hold the date and time when you need an answer now? Will they cancel at the last minute? Did they have qualified personnel available or know whom to engage and how to find them? Did they know what music is appropriate to play for your event, own the music, or know how to find it? Could they advise you on the order of the ceremony and any logistical problems with the site? Were they able to help you with music searches and decisions only to ask 1st Choice Music Services to come to the rescue? Will they give you a solid price quote and back it up with a written guarantee? Do they have transportation to the event or expect you to get them a ride? Did they say they were free to play for your event only to find they have a class conflict, commitment with area orchestras, or vacation plans and cancel on you? Did they give you a sense of confidence that you made the right choice in asking for their help?

Contact the Emmy Winning “Prairie Mother" Mrs. Barbara Hedlund
9AM-9PM CST Daily Music Studio - 505 Eliot Drive, Urbana, IL 61801- 6727
Tel: 217-384-0874, No FAX| E-mail: