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Love Games (a new musical)

The UI Opera Studio Premieres “Love Games” -
a new 
on April 29 & 30, 2014
This production is dedicated to the memory of
David Lloyd (1920 -2013)
Director of the UI Illinois Opera Theatre from 1971 to 1985

2014 Premiere Production Logo Image
created for the production by artist Lydia Sopoligia Maxwell
Poster graphic design assistance by Griffin Candey & Natalie Fiol
Image used with permission

"Love Games", a new musical adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s
play "Reigen",
(known in film & drama as “La Ronde),
has two acts featuring a cast of ten and instrumental trio -
piano, harp, & cello

Music & Book Adaptation by Joseph Turrin
Central Illinois audiences are familiar with Mr. Turrin
from performances of his opera  “Scarecrow” at the Krannert Center,
CU Symphony performance of his film sound track to
“Miss Sadie Thompson” at the
Ebert Festival,  and performances of “Hemispheres” by the UI Wind Ensemble  in addition to his numerous
film scores, compositions, and recordings.

Judy Spencer & Robert Morgan
Stage Director Stephen Fiol
Choreographer Rebecca Nettl-Fiol
Script editors Susan C. Boyle, Stephen Fiol, &
Barbara Hedlund
 Logo Artist Lydia Sopoligia Maxwell
Graphic Design Assistance Griffin Candey & Natalie Fiol
                     Properties & Set Design Jane Siebold &
Emily Lohrbach

Costumes & Production Intern Susan C. Boyle
Lighting Design 
Michelle Benda
Stage Manager Jamie Fuller

Rehearsal Accompanists
Timothy Accurso & Matt Gladden

UI Faculty Advisors
John Dayger/Costumes
J. Michael Griggs/Set, Julie Rundell/Props

Opera Studio Directors Ricard Herrera & Dawn Harris
Associate Producers  Stephen Fiol & Barbara Hedlund

2014 Krannert Center Premiere Cast Members
Prostitute (Leocadia) – Alto  Caitlin Powell & Izsis Mollinedo *
Soldier (Franz) – Lyric Baritone     Christopher Anderson
Chambermaid – Soprano  Kelly Knecht & Margaret Blackburn *
Young Gentleman - Lyric Baritone    David Catalano

Young Wife – Soprano  Cristin Colvin & Alexandra Rolfs
Husband  (Karl) – Lyric Baritone  Lyle Jackson & Richard Schonberg *
Sweet Young Girl – Soprano  Kathleen Myers * & Madeline Whitesell
Poet (Robert) – Tenor  Griffin Candey
Actress – Soprano Ellen Denham
Count – Lyric Baritone Edward Brennan

performing April 30, 2014

Instrumental Trio:  
Music Director/Pianist - Timothy Accurso   
Harp - Claire Happel   
Violoncello  - Barbara Hedlund 
for whom the cello part was written)

Pre-Performance Symposium
Schnitzler's Scandals: Reconstructing the socio-historical
& cultural contexts of Reigen (1897) / Love Games (2013)
April 29, 2014 - 1:30-4PM

The UI School of Music Building Auditorium
1114 W. Nevada St. Urbana, IL 61801

Discussions on Viennese playwright Arthur Schnitzler (whose play 
“Reigen” is the basis for “Love Games”), the late 19th Century Vienna, Schnitzler's connections to Sigmund Freud, and of changing
moral norms 
during the Austro-Hungarian era. 

This event is a collaboration with the UI School of Music,
Stage Director Stephen Fiol, Carl Niekerk, UI Professor of German, Comparative and World Literature, and Jewish Studies, Head of the Department of Germanic
Languages and Literatures, & Max Kade Distinguished Visiting Professor Margrit Vogt.

Pre-Performance Libretto Sessions
April 29 & April 30, 2014  - 6PM Krannert Room  - 
Free admission

with Stage Director Stephen Fiol and
Cellist/Associate Producer Barbara Hedlund.

Due to weather issues, composer Joseph Turrin's flights were
cancelled on 4/28. He will be unable to join us in person,
but will be on Live & Local on WILL Radio by phone at
4pm on 4/28 and on Skype in the Krannert Room.   

For the April 30th Libretto session, additional speakers will
 include Professors Carl Niekerk & Margrit Vogt from the
UI Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
who are experts on Viennese playwright Arthur Schnitzler
(whose play “Reigen” is the basis for “Love Games”


Tuesday, April 29, 2014 -
7:30PM - Free admission
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 7:30PM - Free admission


Colwell Playhouse /
Krannert Center
for the Performing Arts
500 S. Goodwin Avenue, 
Urbana, IL 61801

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Creating “Love Games” from composer Joseph Turrin

The idea of turning Arthur Schnitzler's play La Ronde into a musical theater piece was  conceived while I was in residence at William Paterson University in New Jersey. At the time, I worked as a music director at the university and collaborated with director Robert Morgan on several musicals. Morgan and I set our minds to developing La Ronde into a play with a few songs and incidental music. The show was produced at the university in this small format.

Many years later the musical was expanded with additional songs and lyrics by Judy Spencer. This version was produced as a professional Equity Showcase at Theater on the Mall in Paramus, New Jersey. The theater was run by producer and writer Robert Ludlum. The production ran for several weeks and received positive reviews by the NY Times and Princeton Spectrum.

“Mr. Turrin's intricate duets, with their echoes of Weill and Sondheim burst forth with unrestrained panache. All this makes Love Games far more tonic than most summer diversions and certainly something to see." - NY Times

This current production is basically the same show with the addition of script alterations and expansion to an instrumental trio to include a cello part written for my long time colleague Barbara Hedlund.


Hosts Ronald & Barbara Hedlund, Stephen Fiol, & Cara Chowning
request the honor of your presence at

That’s Amore -
Your Ultimate Valentine’s Dinner Experience
& Love Songs Serenade

 Impress your sweetheart with an extra special Valentine's celebration.
Show your devotion with
a romantic evening of fine dining with five choices  of specially selected main courses,wine & dessert as you present a rose from Rick Orr Flowers, and enjoy enchanting love songs performed just for you.
A truly enchanted evening!

Noted performers include baritone Ronald Hedlund,
cellist Barbara Hedlund,
pianist Cara Chowning,
MC/Stage Director Stephen Fiol, & “Love Games” cast members
Maggie Blackburn,
Edward Brennan, Griffin Candey,
Izsis Mollinedo
, & Caitlin Powell.

February 9, 2014 at 6PM
Location: Minneci’s at the Crossing Restaurant
2501 Village Green, Champaign, IL 61822
Tel. 217.366.9225

(tax & gratuity included)
Couples $120, Single $60
Guests may pay at the restaurant.
Proceeds will benefit
the new musical “Love Games” premiere
& support Lyric Theatre@Illinois.

RSVPs are appreciated, but walk-ins will be accommodated- space permitting.
The weather forecast for next weekend is clear.  Don't let Mother Nature keep you away from this wonderful event!

Call Phyllis Cline (217)-344-4806, plcline@comcast.net

Donors may make a secure
online tax deductible gift to the
"Love Games" production,
or contact David Allen,
Tel. 217-333-6453 or

" That's Amore " performance photos here

Central Illinois Business Radio  "That's Amore" interview 

with host Alex Ruggieri
February 6, 2014 - Used with permission by Alex Ruggieri,
CI Business Host 
Download the show here

This week Alex talks with Barbara Hedlund of "That’s Amore"
with Stephen Fiol & Rob Meister), and on the second show with
Dr. Samuel Feinburg of NeoGraft

Love Games Plot
Arthur Schnitzler's popular roundelay of love
dealing with Viennese
turn of the century
mores is told in ten interwoven scenes:
two characters appear in each scene and
one of these characters
moves into the next scene.

The soldier of the first scene leaves
a prostitute
to appear in the next scene with a parlor maid.

The maid then departs to
be with her
wealthy employer. He, in turn, receives his
mistress, a certain married lady.
The next scene reveals
the married lady
and her husband.
Then the husband meets
a sweet
young girl at a private cafe. 
The girl and poet lover,
the poet and

the actress
, the actress and count,
and finally the count and prostitute
bring the evening full circle.

Or as one audience member described it after opening night,
"Ten seductions in two hours! That must be one for the Guinness
Book of Records."

April 29, 2014  Krannert Center opening night audience remarks
"inspired performances, great stage presence, was entranced by
the beautiful and creative staging and choreography!
The interweaving of the couples not only captured the audience,
but so masterfully set the theme of the play. Bravo!'
The screen and lighting behind the musicians was stunning,
and set an elegant tone for the overall appearance of the stage;
I'm so glad we came.

Kudos to Steve Fiol for directing an excellent student
 performance of the musical "Love Games," by Joseph Turrin,
based on Artur Schnitzler's "Reigen," at the Krannert Center, Urbana.
Congrats to the singers-actors, and to choreographer Becky Nettl-Fiol.
A huge job of directing, with a lot of complicated staging.

"It was great and the translation was very accurate."
"The music is wonderful and deserves the best possible support --
dialogue, staging, action."

"The piece was charming and reminded me a bit of A Little Night Music.
Small operetta companies would love the show. It was perfect in that
intimate setting!
I saw improvement in every student's acting ability
 and comfort level on stage. Thank you for your guidance and hard work!!!"

"Love Games" second performance review
by John Frayne - May 8, 2014 - News Gazette "Etc"

On April 30, I attended in the Colwell Playhouse 
the UI Opera Studio production of "Love Games," an adaptation of Artur Schnitzler's famous play "Reigen," ("Round Dances"), with music by Joseph Turrin and lyrics by Judy Spencer and Robert Morgan. 
Schnitzler's controversial play was written in 1897, privately printed in 1900, but not staged until 1920. The play's episodic plot follows a group of characters in a chain of, by my count, five seduction scenes.

A sixth scene shows, wonder of wonders, 
a married couple preparing for bed. Much of the performance time was given to spoken dialogue and almost all of the 10 characters also sang arias. Turrin's music strongly etched the differing character traits of the participants, but I would have asked for a more intense level of passionate utterance at the climax of the love scenes. 

Stage director  Stephen Fiol artfully managed the transition from scene to scene, with a new set of 
props moved onto the darkened stage as musical interludes were playing. Rebecca Nettl-Fiol designed inventive round dances to begin and end the performance.

At the climactic moments of the love scenes, a screen with a Gustav Klimt love scene on it was wheeled on stage to offer privacy. From where
I was sitting, I could see what was happening behind the scenes, or should I say, not happening? 

Schnitzler's cynicism about love and sex is famous, and I was amused to hear this assortment of Viennese characters loudly proclaim their
noble motives before getting on with the seductive business at hand.
I must admit that after the fourth seduction I began to tire.

The charming musical accompaniments were played by Timothy Accurso pianist, who also
acted as music director, by Claire Happel, harp,
and Barbara Hedlund, cello. 

The student actors/singers did a fine job in delivering a wide range of musical and dramatic characterizations. The Opera Studio directors are
Dawn Harris and Ricardo Herrera.

Cast of Characters Needed
Prostitute, Soldier, Chamber Maid, Young Gentleman,
Young Wife, Husband, Sweet Young Girl,
Poet, Actress, Count

Love Games Score Ranges
download the attached PDF below

Score & Script

available for perusal on request

"Love Games"
preview sound files 
Recorded Feb 10, 2013, Studio 505, Urbana, IL
Engineer - Jeff Zahos      Recording session photos
mp3 - I Wait Alone  (Bethany Stiles)
mp3 - Oh, Herr Alfred 
Bethany Stiles & James Mayer)
mp3 - It's Most Difficult 
(James Mayer & Yvonne Redman)
mp3 - Time for Bed (Lullaby)
(Jerold Siena)

mp3 - Love & Intoxication 
(Ronald Hedlund 
& Yvonne Redman)
Recording Trio: Kent Conrad, piano;
Barbara Hedlund, CelloClaire Happel, Harp

 "Theater of Love” Feb 14, 2013 Krannert Center
Love Games performance preview photos



No. 1 -  PROLOGUE (Full Ensemble)

No. 1a - Black out music

No. 1b - Scene change music

(Soldier and Maid)
No. 2a - Black out music

No. 3 -  I WAIT ALONE (Maid)

     No. 3a - Scene change music

(Young Gentleman)
No. 4a - Black out music

No. 5 -  I WAIT ALONE Reprise (Maid)

No. 5a - Scene change &
underscore music
       No. 5b - Black out music

(Young Gentleman & Young Wife)
No. 6a - Black out music

(Young Gentleman)
     No. 7a - Scene change music

(Husband & Young wife)

(Husband & Young wife)


No. 10 - INTRO (Full Ensemble)

(Husband & Sweet Young Girl)
No. 12 - IT’S NOT ME ( Sweet Young Girl)

(Sweet Young Girl & Husband)
   No. 13a - Scene change music

No. 14 - TIME FOR BED (Poet)

No. 14a - Black out music

(Poet & Sweet Young Girl)
      No. 15a - Scene change music

No. 16 - INFIDELITY (Actress)

 No.16a - Black out music
          No. 16b - Scene change music

(Actress & Count)
 No. 17a - Black out music
         No. 17b - Scene change music

No. 18 - FINALE (Full Ensemble)

Barbara Hedlund,
Feb 25, 2013, 10:47 PM