Questions about Therapy

What brings clients to therapy? Here are some of the reasons:

* A change of circumstance that is hard to cope with such as loss of job, loved one, health, status, security e.g. discovery of an affair.
* Unbearable feelings, due to depression, anxiety stress etc. 
* A sense of patterns repeating in unsatisfactory relationships or self-defeating behaviour.
* A desire to tackle issues and a need for some strategies to do so.

What sort of therapy helps?
There have been many developments in psychotherapy since it began with psychoanalysis and now there are hundreds of different forms. I have benefitted from various trainings and I feel that I can offer breadth and depth in appropriate help to my clients. I describe myself as an Integrative and Gestalt Psychotherapist. My intent is to help my clients through supporting them to become more aware of themselves and their behaviour and their choices and to enable them to develop skills and strategies to soothe themselves, or to communicate their needs more effectively in relationships, or to try out new behaviours that benefit them.

Within the holistic process of psychotherapy changes in one area may have benefits in others too, so that better health or sleep or eating may result from addressing feelings. Clients may give up smoking as their relationships become more satisfying. A new career or creative endeavour may develop from greater self-awareness. 

Throughout the process I pay attention to our relationship in the room as it is a reflection of other relationships. Much is learned through the rapport that develops and insights can come when our relationship mirrors past or present issues in the client’ life.