Qualifications & Training

Major Trainings
I trained in –
Group Dynamics
Couple Counselling at Relate
Psychodynamic Therapy at the Tavistock Institute
Gestalt Therapy at Cambridge Gate
Integrative Psychotherapy MSc at Metanoia Institute 
Supervision (individual and group) at Relate

This amounts to 10 years of trainings.

My own trainings have been inclusive addressing:

* How past relationships and their influences affect the present
* How families have their own patterns of behaviour and norms that are interrelated with the individual family members’ roles and behaviours so that if one member changes the whole family is affected 
* How the person expresses and restricts themself in their creative life and relationships according to underlying beliefs and anxieties that may be outside their own awareness.

I have also completed shorter trainings to develop my skills in particular fields of work. One such was EMDR training to Level 2, in order to work with people who are suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Over 30 years in private practice I have also developed my skills and knowledge by attending non-qualification courses and workshops, and through reading and study, and by consultation with other professionals.