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Bell Nonlocality and device-independent certification

The "violation of Bell inequalities" is the observation that conclusively proves that the results of some measurements are not pre-established. This foundational observation has an applied side: it can be used to certify quantum devices in a "device-independent" way, that is, without having to describe which measurements are being performed on which physical systems.

Valerio was one of those who first made this observation back in 2007. Since, we have not stopped contributing to this field. After some years helping to certify randomness, we have focused on the remarkable possibility of "self-testing": in some cases, the observation is compatible with a unique quantum description in terms of states and measurements.

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Quantum thermodynamics

Since the time Boltzmann wrote down entropy as counting of states, the role of information in thermodynamics has been the object of discussions. The very tight connection is undisputed for the canonical ensemble; but is it mere coincidence or a foundational observation?

Recently, the debate has been ignited again after some of our colleagues from theoretical quantum information weighed in from the side of information. We contribute to this field by studying specific physical setups and even actual experiments, looking for fingerprints of advanced information processing.

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Describing experiments

We regularly collaborate with experimental groups by sharing ideas and providing theoretical support for the description of their experiments.

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