Little Thank You's

Thanks for the Memories from Tom Seay (Aug 6, 2011)

From Tom and Pat Seay:

I was the little boy at Grandpa and Grandma's over fifty years ago that would wake up on weekend visits smelling bacon and coffee perking on an old wood stove. I sat on Grandpa's horse as he worked his garden or we moved wood or hay on his one horse wagon. The memories are burned into my mind and soul. Now, my relationship with horses may be well known as a professional outdoorsman and adventurer but my experience with draft horses is below the novice level.

I have been fortunate to host the television show Best of America by Horseback for many years. I am told that we have organized the largest and most successful horseback adventures in America, including every step rides from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from Mexico to Canada. However, my association with Larry Clark and the association have been some of the greatest highlights. Larry took his time to work with my draft horse and one horse wagon, topped with a ride by my grandchildren. Somehow as my wife and I sat on the back of the wagon, I could smell a wood stove, coffee perking and bacon frying once again........

Thank you and all your members for doing so much more than being another horse association but an organization that teaches, ties members and families together and carries on American traditions and values to new generations. I am so proud to be a member and all of us are proud of the leadership and compassion of Larry Clark.

Tom Seay

Host and Producer of

Best of America by Horseback Television Show

From Kim & Ryan Dame: "Please pass to Bob and Susie Brennan! Thank all of ya'll so much for making this day so special! What a great day ya'll, don't remember a VDHMA event that we've TOTALLY enjoyed! THANK YOU."

From Midge Harmon: "For everyone that helped with Donkey Daze, you all did a marvelous job. Could not have been finer. Robert and Gale Seddon, Larry Clark, Meg Birney, Bob Brennan and his daughter, Polly, and all the others who pitched in when needed. You really did a great job...This was just the nicest day with everyone having such a good time. Smiles everywhere. And everyone pitching in and helping each other. The way events are supposed to be.

Thank you for all the time and I know it was alot of time and effort that everyone put into this event. It is greatly appreciated. It is so nice to see more segments of our association being served as they should be. But the work was worth it when you saw ALL those cute donkeys driving and bringing such joy to their owners. There is nothing more fun than driving a cart. It's like having an equine sports car. Thank you too to all the owners who brought their donkeys. Hope you had as good a time as I did watching. Looking forward to the next Donkey Daze."

From Nelson & Becky Garnett: "We had a great time and learned a lot. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make it possible!"

From Dave Yauch: "On behalf of all the VDHMA Donkey owners, I'd like to thank Robert & Gail Seddon for organizing Donkey Daze, Larry Clark for hosting it, Bob Brennan (and his daughter), Meg Birney & Larry Clark for providing excellent instruction, training and assistance to all, the Long Ears owners who brought those who own them, and all the folks who stopped by to meet these incredible animals. I'm sure everyone will agree, this first was one of the best!I really enjoyed getting my Dixie under harness and driving her around the grounds, Well done, VDHMA!"

From Joan Orvis: "Larry, Polly,Robert and Gale - I'll call Bob and Sue -So many thanks for the outstanding day yesterday. I can't really tell you how nice it was to see so many donkeys and meet their owners!"

Thanks for Donkey Daze Workshop! (Feb 26, 2011)