The Secret Weapon

Thanks to  the family of James Aaron Combs for the following pictures and detail on the Special Missions Crew. This crew was responsible for the jamming of the German radio controlled bombs.

Handwritten note from George Gowling to Combs family.

This is a commendation from the Chief of Naval Personnel to James A. Combs.  The USS Frederick C. Davis family can take great pride in the crew's service to our nation and the sacrifices made by all that served on that ship.  The ultimate sacrifice  was made by so many on the day of her sinking. That loss stretches down through the years to this very day for all of our families.

This story about the Special Mission Crew provides magnification to that pride in service.  Understanding that the  application of the jamming on the German radio controlled bombs saved ships and lives takes it to a higher level and allows some acceptance of our direct loss of life.