Bill Reimer Collection

(work in process!!!) 

This section documents the items that were in Bill Reimer's possession regarding the USS Frederick C. Davis and her crew. As a note, there is more info on Bill Reimer in The Sailors section of this website.

There were 3 photo albums that the Reimer family had made available for scanning. 

Bill Reimer Photo Album Collection

The photo albums were created using Google Slides. There are approximately 130 pictures that were scanned from Bill Reimer's photo album#1 and 299 pictures in album #2. The order of the pictures here match the order in the album.  Any hand written notes in the album are duplicated here as they appeared next to a picture.

Suggestion: Click on the arrow in the top right corner to enlarge the Google Slide show. There's an Auto-Play function to run this as a slide show. Click on the 3 dots on bottom left for options. I do Auto play, loop, every 5 secs. NOTE: I cannnot get the Auto Play function to work on my smart phone, only on my mac)

 If anyone would like a digital copy of any of the photos, please dont hesitate to contact me using the CONTACT US form, which appears when you click on the menu selection at the top left

Bill Reimer Photo Album #2 Collection