James Kincaid(RM2C) Collection

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This section documents the items that were in James Kincaid possession regarding the USS Frederick C. Davis and her crew. As a note, there is more info on James Kincaid in The Sailors section of this website.

The following was written by Janet Keller (niece of James Kincaid):

My uncle, James C Kincaid was just coming off duty as a “radioman” (maybe wrong description but that’s how it was always talked about in our family) when the ship was hit. He did survive but it was always a somewhat delicate subject, as anyone can imagine. 

Uncle Jimmy died in 2013 at 90 yrs. 

After his military discharge he obtained degrees in Business from Appalachian State, Lenoir Rhyne, & University of PA (Doctorate) He taught over 40 years and retired as Director of Business Dept at the College of GA. He and his wife had organized and he emceed the reunions for a number of years for the ship’s survivors. A highlight of one of those reunions was the attendance of some of the crew members from the German ship that launched the attack. Uncle Jimmy was honored to have met these men. His wife Mae lives in Warner Robins, GA and just celebrated her 96th birthday. She and I talk almost every day.

As a side note: my Mom’s brother Jack, met Uncle Jimmy in Wisconsin where they attended training. Just 2 young men from NC and Uncle Jimmy from West VA. they became close friends. Not only the tragedy of the Frederick Davis but Uncle Jack’s ship the USS Princeton was sunk in the Battle of Lyete in Jan 1944. Once they were both discharged they tracked each other down and Uncle Jimmy came to NC for a visit. He met and fell in love with Uncle Jack’s younger sister.

Our family has always supported our military with service in the Navy, Army and Air Force.

"In  Memory of Crewmen Dead On April 24 1945 When DE 136 Frerderick C. Davis was Sunk"

"This is to certify that the accompanying flag was flown over the United States Capitol on November 7, 1991, at the request of the Honorable Richard Ray, Member of Congress.

This flag was flown in memory of the Crew Members since the sinking".

Framed print of the actions by the other DE's to find the Uboat that sunk the FC Davis. Much more about that day on this website (see 24 April 1945 section).

"Multiple Ship Creep Attack On U 546 April 24, 1945

Picture by Roger Cozen, Chief Sonarman, USS Flaherty, DE 135"

Piece of chain from the USS FC Davis.