The Fightin Freddy


Frederick Curtice Davis, born 21 October 1915 in Rock County, Wisconsin, enlisted in the Naval Reserve 7 July 1939 and was commissioned ensign 4 September 1940. Serving with an observation squadron aboard the USS Nevada (BB-36), Ensign Davis was killed during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941. He was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his heroism at the moment of his death, when he was running forward to take charge of an antiaircraft machine gun battery. Frederick, killed at Pearl harbor, was actually a pilot, whose job was to fly an observation plane launched by catapult off battleships, and during the attack was unable to do that role so was manning a machine gun when killed. His brother, also a pilot, was killed in Panama when his plane lost power and crashed on a anti- submarine mission.

Flag hoist/ radio call sign  N - X - S - M

The following article appeared in the Trim But Deadly, quarterly newsletter of the Destroyer Escort Historical Museum, Volume 30 Number 1, First quarter 2024

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Ship Photos

Consolidated Steel Company, Orange Texas.

Alongside DE138, USS Douglas L. Howard

Launched 24 January 1943. Sponsored by Mrs. Dorothy H. Robins, sister of Ensign Frederick Davis

Here is an account of the launching by Dorothy Robins

Davis, Frederick account of launching1.pdf


Picture of the USS Frederick Davis at Anzio. Courtesy of the Bill Reimers family

Courtesy of the Bill Reimer family

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From the Destroyer Escort Historical Museum website : "The 563 destroyer escorts built during World War II were divided into 6 classes. Four of the six classes mounted 3"/50 guns, while the last two classes mounted the larger 5"/38 gun. The various destroyer escort classes also mounted different types of propulsion, depending primarily upon what type of engine was available due to the high demands of new construction". 

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