The tools available from this site will give you the ability to quickly collect observational assessment data from your phone, tablet or computer using a customized Google Form. This data is then summarized for you in a Google Spreadsheet that is pre-loaded with formulas and functions to make data collection, analysis and communication with students very easy.

The templates provided, help you collect Data on students and have it quickly summarized, without having to sit at a computer and make many data entries into a marking program.  This will allow you to make multiple/daily assessments, fast and easy, with a google form on your phone or tablet by pressing a button. There are custom functions provided in the spreadsheets that will help make a tab for each student's assessment data and give you the ability (if you choose) to share that tab as a view/comment spreadsheet with each individual student, allowing the students to see a live update of their assessment data.  

The power of Google Forms, is the ability to get data into a spreadsheet quickly and easily. The spreadsheet is where the magic happens. Having many points of data in a spreadsheet for a student gives you the ability to visualize a student's achievement in a customizable way. The provided spreadsheets have the formulas needed to summarize your data for you. However, because the data is in a spreadsheet, it gives you the control over what you wish to do with that data.

There are now 5 templates, use the tabs above to bring you to the template pages and see a description and instructions for each.