Services & Charges

Up N Over is a 'Not for profit' Club which after deductions for running costs, improvements for
members and ensuring the continued prosperity of the club, sponsors efforts
to raise monies for Dog Rescue. UNO is a KC Listed Club -
(KC Reference No. AB/0169/GCDS).

Kennel Club Award Passes:  Bronze - 401 Silver - 241 Gold - 95 = 737

How It Works!

Unlike most clubs we do not run set courses. Handlers and their dogs come when they can and pay when they come. This means they do not have to sign up for a fixed number of weeks only to find they cannot attend several of the pre paid sessions. Why pay for sessions you cannot attend? We appreciate that we all lead busy lives which often diverts us from the things we enjoy doing. Perhaps you need to take your son or daughter to a football match or a visit to granny? This approach is appreciated by families and shift workers alike. You will appreciate that if you are unable to attend consecutive weeks then the process will take a little longer. Of course this means we do not have fixed class sizes. Don't worry! If a class is too big we simply open another training area, split the class ... and send in the standby trainer! We currently have 16 trainers and train 70+ dogs a Sunday over two pup, 8 Adult obedience and 2 agility classes.

Classes: In brief

  • Puppy - Training For Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Certificate. From 10 days after a pups second inoculation to 6 months depending upon breed size. Puppy Foundation.
  • Bronze 1- Adult Dog assessment class for adult dogs that have not trained with us as pups. (Most dogs will start here). This class provides the same training as for Bronze below.
  • Bronze 2 - Training for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Awards. Bronze Standard.
  • Silver - Training for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Awards. Silver Standard.
  • Gold - Training for the Kennel CLub Good Citizen Dog Scheme Awards. Gold Standard.
  • Care & Responsibility  - to help you prepare!
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