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Bank Deductions NOTICE

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NOTICE of Understanding,

Potential Rights Infringement and Criminal Behaviour.

Name; _____________________________

Address for Service; ____________________________________________________________________________

In the matter of Deduction from Bank Account, and the 'Wages Protection Act 1983'

TO ALL AND SINGULAR; After reading the relevant legislation (detailed below) it is my understanding and is it not true that no one may take any deductions from my wages without my written consent/agreement? Please be aware that ANY deduction from my wages, held in my account, number (account number), requires my written agreement, and you have no authority from me to make any such deductions, apart from the agreed to bank fees. Please cease and desist with any and all other deductions. Further more, please exercise the duty of care you have over my wages which you hold in trust for me and see that only deductions authorised in writing by me are made.

My understanding is that this means that not any entity, state, group or person can insist that neither an employer, nor any other party may make any deduction from wages, even those held in trust by a bank in a bank account, on behalf of them, as this would be criminal behaviour, namely theft. For any state, group or person to use threats, intimidation or coercion to try to enforce deductions upon another is criminal behaviour and would make the instigator and the perpetrator liable for criminal charges.

3 Act to bind the Crown -
  • This Act shall bind the Crown.

[All Crown entities, WINZ, IRD, Local Government etc. are bound by this Act. To do otherwise is illegal and any threats etc. is criminal behaviour].

4 No deductions from wages except in accordance with Act
  • Subject to sections 5(1) and 6(2), an employer shall, when any wages become payable to a worker, pay the entire amount of those wages to that worker without deduction.

[It is illegal for any agents or principles of any Crown entity, including WINZ, IRD etc. to insist upon and enforce, any deductions from an employee's wages without the employee's WRTTEN agreement.]

5 Deductions with worker's consent
  • (1) An employer may, for any lawful purpose,—

    • (a) with the written consent of a worker; or

    • (b) on the written request of a worker—

make deductions from wages payable to that worker.

[This is the only legal avenue for deductions to be made from wages, any other way is theft.]

If you believe my understanding to be incorrect then please supply all relevant lawful documentation to substantiate your claim. If such substantiation is not received at the above address for service in the time frame of seven (7) working days then it will be taken as given that my understanding is correct and will prevail in truth and law. Any unlawful deductions will be subject to lawful process which may entail a commercial lien.

In Honour


Universal Sovereign,
Dec 2, 2015, 6:01 PM