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How to uphold your rights and help public servants to uphold them, and how to help them uphold their oaths of service.
Friday the 8th of December 2017
Have you the courage to be the solution???

Be the solution and help create a beneficial society for ALL.

We trust you will find this solution worthy and have the courage to enact it. 

As it is we the people that hold the ultimate responsibility of overseeing that ALL our Public Servants, (be they Constabulary, Judiciary, Politicians, among others) serve the people as per their lawful oaths, we ourselves need to be familiar with these oaths, and be able to remind our servants as to their duty to we the people.   It is these very oaths that outline the boundaries that the Public Service is obligated to work to.

How can we the people who care for a compassionate, just and beneficial society for all, particularly the coming generations, bring to Order our society if we know not the Oaths of Service of our Public Servants.

Public Service is a high calling in a society as it carries with it the responsibility of enhancing peace and good order for ALL society.  The Public Service is first and foremost obligated to obey the legislation that they are entrusted to police, and many do strive to uphold their oaths and fulfil their oath sworn duty.

The attached documentation is designed to empower, support and aid those Public Servants acting lawfully in helping them arrest the growing corruption within the Public Service and society, to uphold all our Human Rights, and to uphold the Rule of Law.

Until all Public Servants fully uphold their voluntarily taken Oaths of Service to keep the peace and act according to law then we the people are being subjected to a tyranny.  Those Public Servants who feel unable to act lawfully would do well to resign their office making way for those whom take their obligation of service to the people seriously. 

Thank you for your consideration.  Please forward to all whom you think will do likewise.