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Tang Band W4-1720 + Fountek NeoCD1.0 The executive mini-speaker gets a slim floorstanding sibling.

Dayton RS180-8 + Vifa DX25TG This is a design intended for those who want a boutique, audiophile-quality speaker but don't want to pay the 4-figure price tag.

HiVi B4N + HiVI T20 (or Dayton ND20FA-6) The tallest member of the Overnight Sensation family. This design fits in well with the look and sound of the rest of the series, but features much deeper bass than you'd expect from a pair of 4" woofers

Peerless 830668 + Peerless 830657 + Vifa DX25 Wish there was some way to take the soul of the large Cerwin Vega and Klipsch "monkey coffins" of your sordid past and inject it into something a bit more modern and high quality? Then this project is for you!

Dayton DC160 + Vifa BC25TG15 Expands on what's great about the Classix II (deep bass, big soundstage) by offering more SPL and a small TMM floorstanding cabinet.

Dayton SD315A-88 + Dayton DC130b-4 + Peerless D27TG35-06 A modern take on the classic "Monkey Coffin" speaker. Can you handle this much fun?!?

Floorstanding Designs using NLA Drivers

Core - Dayton RS180-8 + Dayton RS28 (A or F)

TRS-80 Dayton RS180S-8 + Vifa D25AG

ZX Spectrum HiVi M6A + Bohlender Graebener Neo3 PDRW

Dayton Classic Revival Dayton DC160 + Dayton DC50F + Dayton ND20FA-6

by Paul Carmody | last updated July 30, 2022