Paul Carmody's DIY Audio Projects

DIY gives music lovers and audiophiles the ultimate power. First of all, DIY speakers use the same parts, building materials (usually), and design techniques of HiFi speakers in the 4 and 5-figure range. This means you can have that "rich" sound at a fraction of the retail cost. Second, by learning the science behind the design of loudspeakers, a lot of the mysticism and mythology that plagues the audiophile world becomes dispelled, and you learn what is important--and what is irrelevant--in exceptional sound reproduction.

Everything here is free. I am a lifelong speaker addict, and this is my contribution to the audio world.

While I am not in this hobby for the money, if you like what I do, and want to buy me a coffee, use the button below. In case the button doesn't work, here is the direct link: