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Tang Band W4-1720 + Fountek NeoCD1.0  Outstanding bass from such a small woofer, pleasant midrange, and a ribbon tweeter.  All in a small footprint.  Makes a great rich boy toy 

Dayton DA175 + Vifa BC25TG15  A low-cost, high-value speaker that was intended as a DIY nearfield studio monitor. 

Purifi PTT6.5x04 + Satori TW29R-B  Two of the best-performing drivers currently available.  Provides holographic-like imaging and soundstage.  Can be built as bookshelf or floorstanding tower.

HiVi B4N + Dayton ND20FA-6  A simple, small speaker with surprisingly deep bass and a wide and deep soundstage.  These are a good bargain for such a small price. 

HiVi B4N (x2) + Dayton ND20FA-6  Like the Overnight Sensations, but louder!  Big sound, small package.  These could be very versatile, and have been used in a wide variety of cabinets. 

Dayton DC160 + Vifa BC25TG15 One of the funnest speakers I've ever done!  Great bass, solid soundstage, and a pleasing sound that works well even with poor recordings.  Great for getting a big sound in a small living space. 

Scan-Speak 15W/8530K00 + Hiquphon OWI  An unassuming-looking bookshelf 2-way that puts out phenomenal bass, and a pinpoint soundstage.  Exciting, yet comfortable at the same time.  Not for the frugal. 

Bookshelf Designs using NLA Drivers

I am leaving these up for reference purposes.  If you still have these drivers, by all means, build and enjoy these speakers.  However, please don't ask me for driver substitutions at this time.  Sorry.

Carrera (v1) - Scan-Speak 8530K-00 + Hiquphon OW3 

Orient Express  Silver Flute W14RC25 + Vifa Logic AC25SG05

China Syndrome Silver Flute W14RC25-S + Vifa Logic AC25SG05

Vaagens  Audax AP170G2 + Vifa D25ASG

Classix Dayton DC160 + Vifa DX19 

by Paul Carmody | this page was last updated January 19, 2023