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Rocio Garcia-Retamero Imedio

E-mail: rretamer[at]

Rocio Garcia-Retamero, Ph.D. is an associate professor of experimental psychology at the University of Granada. She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of Jaen and a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Granada with a thesis on decision making and causal learning. Her current research interests involve risk perception and communication, shared decision making, physician trust, medical decision making, group decision making, and learning. 

Selected Publications

Okan, Y., Garcia-Retamero, R., Cokely, E. T., & Maldonado, A. (2012). Individual differences in graph literacy: Overcoming denominator neglect in risk comprehension. The Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 25, 390-401.

Garcia-Retamero, R., & Cokely, E. T. (2012). Advances in efficient health communication: Promoting prevention and detection of STDs. Current HIV Research, 10, 262-270.

Bodemer, N., Müller, S. M., Okan, Y., Garcia-Retamero, R., & Neumeyer-Gromen, A. (2012). Do the media provide transparent health information? A cross-cultural comparison of public information about the HPV vaccine. Vaccine, 30, 3747-3756.

Cokely, E.T., Galesic, M. Schulz, E., Ghazal, S., & Garcia-Retamero, R. (2012). Measuring risk literacy: The Berlin Numeracy Test. Judgment and Decision Making, 7, 25-47.

Müller, S. M., Garcia-Retamero, R., Cokely, E.T., & Maldonado, A. (2011). Causal beliefs and empirical evidence: Decision-making processes in two-alternative forced-choice tasks.  Experimental Psychology, 58, 324-332.

Garcia-Retamero, R., & Galesic, M. (2011). Using plausible group sizes to communicate information about medical risks. Patient Education and Counseling, 84, 245-250.

Galesic, M., & Garcia-Retamero, R. (2011). Do low-numeracy people avoid shared decision making? Health Psychology, 30, 336-341.

Garcia-Retamero, R., & Dhami, M. K. (2011). Pictures speak louder than numbers: On communicating medical risks to immigrants with limited non-native language proficiency. Health Expectations, 14, 46-57.

Galesic, M., & Garcia-Retamero, R. (2010). Statistical numeracy for health: A cross-cultural comparison with probabilistic national samples. Archives of Internal Medicine, 170, 462-468.