AMA charter #1521

Texas Wings RC Flying Club

The Texas Wings RC Flying Club, AMA Charter Club #1521, was established in 1983 for the enjoyment and promotion of the hobby of building and flying Radio Controlled Model Aircraft.  Texas Wings offers a relaxed, family-oriented membership that focuses on 'sport flying', promoting the hobby through community involvement, commitment to flight-training, and support of new aeromodelers.

Aerial view of flying field.

Texas Wings RC Flying Club

Flight Training every Wednesday at 5:30 pm, See Flight Training page for more details.


Following these rules will keep you and your drone safe and will help keep the airspace available to everyone.

       TX Wings RC Field, is in class G airspace.



A written agreement with the FAA for fixed flying sites.

Note: Flying drones in certain airspace is not allowed. Classes of airspace and flying restrictions can be found on our B4UFLY app.

Recreational flyers should know that if they intentionally violate any of these safety requirements, and/or operate in a careless or reckless manner, they could be liable for criminal and/or civil penalties.

Other changes coming in the future