Bob Ihrig
Our fearless leader. To contact Bob and view more of his photos please visit

Has incredibly steady hands and is on a first name basis with the sky gods. To view more of John's photos please visit

Yes. She has a zoo membership. You can follow Julie on Instagram.

Youngest member (still not allowed to drive herself to the meetings).

Lucia is an award winning portrait photographer specializing in magazine style photography. She has a studio in the Columbia Tusculum area in Cincinnati where she photographs seniors, personal branding, mother/daughter and generations. Photography has always been important to her. Her father was an amateur photographer and she has a wonderful legacy of family photos. She also loves travel photography and the seashore. She lives with her husband and a furry beast in Anderson and has a daughter who is a Freshman at CCM.  To contact Lucia and view more of her photos please visit

To contact Nelson and view more of his photos please visit