About Us

We are a group of people who love photography and are interested in exploring all aspects of photography in all of its forms. Our group consists of both amateurs and professionals of all levels and abilities. Our main goal is to have fun learning to become better photographers.

We have PCS (Positive Critique Sessions) at both of our monthly meetings for PDI (Projected Digital Images) and prints.

For information about the club, please email Jerry Carpenter with any questions.

Organization Officers

 President    Bob Ihrig
 Vice President  Richard Jones
 Secretary  John Kubler
 Treasurer  Bryan Haakenson
 Programs  Mark Kraus, Ted Denman
 Location/Set-up  Bob Ihrig
 PSA  Joy Sallee
 PDI Chairs  Donna Loughry, Mark Kraus 
 PDI Equipment Donna Loughry
 Print Chair Roger Ginn
 Print Equipment  Ted Scheall
 Awards  Margaret Jones
 Snacks/Banquet  Julie Wright
 Refreshment Supplies  Julie Wright
 Field Trips  Jerry Carpenter
 Publicity/Display  Dale Voelker
 Membership  Jerry Carpenter
 Website  Innocent Bystander, Julie Wright
 Facebook  Nelson Charette, Bryan Haakenson
 Newsletter  Richard Jones
 List Serve Bob Ihrig

Order of Business

Meeting location

Campbell County Cooperative Extension
3500 Alexandria Pike
Highland Heights, KY 41076-1705