Critique Topics

2020 Topics

* Format is informal unless otherwise noted
January Pictorial Open

Nature Leaves
Parts of trees or plants: ferns, broad leaf, needle leaf, sheath (grasses), etc. 
February Pictorial Framing the Subject
Subject seen through a frame of some sort
Nature Open

March Pictorial Formal Open
Nature Winter Weather
Ice, snow, etc. 
April Pictorial Wheel &/or Gears
Any type, one or more, with or without teeth

Nature Formal Open
May Pictorial Open
Nature Desert Plants
Cacti or any plant that grows in the desert
June Pictorial Old Buildings
Obviously old or rundown buildings, whole or part
Nature Open
July Pictorial Formal Open
Nature Scenic-Mountains
Mountains, hills, valleys, etc.
August Pictorial Macro-Inanimate
Non-living macro or very close-up
Nature Formal Open
September Pictorial Open
Nature Insects with wings
any insects that have wings, any stage of its life
October Pictorial Repetition
Repeating lines, patterns, colors, etc. 
Nature Open
November Pictorial Formal Open
Nature Mammals
Warm-blooded animals with fur/hair etc, that produce milk for their young
December Pictorial Lights
One or more, on or off, any color, type, etc.
Nature Open
* Format is informal unless otherwise noted

2021 Topics


The part of a plant that holds seeds (with or without the seeds) or just the seeds of flowers, trees, etc. 
FebruaryPictorialGeometric Shapes/Forms
The subject must by obviously: circular, oblong, square, rectangular, or triangular

MarchPictorialFormal Open
Any kind of cloud(s) in the sky, any time of day or night
AprilPictorialDomestic Animals
House pets/farm animals, one or more, all shapes and sizes

NatureFormal Open
Living creatures in nature, macro or very close up
JunePictorialStreet Photography
Street scenes and/or characters on the street
JulyPictorialFormal Open
Large or small, in nature
AugustPictorialTwist on an Icon
An easily recognizable subject shot from a perspective that's different than we usually see
NatureFormal Open
Our feathered friends
Any shape, size, or color(s), one or more 
NovemberPictorialFormal Open
The golden hour (30 minutes before to 30 minutes after
Festivals, parades, fairs, birthday parties, etc.
* Format is informal unless otherwise noted

Critique Guidelines

Formal Print

  • Matted print only - no Frames
  • Mats may be "window' or flat mats
  • Maximum outside dimension of 20" x 24"
  • Maximum of 1/4" thick

Informal Print

  • Maximum of 1/8" thick
  • Maximum dimensions 8.5" x 12"

PDI - Projected Digital Print

  • Size: 1400 pixels width (max) x 1050 pixels height (max)

For more information, see Bylaws (Article VIII Section 2).