Critique Topics

2019 Topics

January Pictorial Open
Nature Monochrome (B&W) Landscape
Any landscape photo, but converted to B&W. Exercise to challenge to maximize features and composition of a landscape photograph.
February Pictorial Night
Stars, nocturnal animals, city lights, after the sun goes down and before it comes up.
Nature Open
March Pictorial Formal Open
Nature Artistic Nature/Motion Blur
Techniques such as movement (of subject or camera), zooming, soft focus, selective focus, etc. Shutter stays open long enough that it captures movement. (No combining images or image stacking.)
April Pictorial Bad Weather / Wet / Cats & Dogs*
Oil slicks on puddles, waterfalls, raindrops, don’t let the rain stop you (Protect your camera.)

* Please note this is in reference to the idiom "raining cats and dogs" and not necessarily limited to photos of wet animals!
Nature Formal Open
May Pictorial Open
Nature Isolated
Something that is isolated. One object/subject, with no other distractions, no clutter
June Pictorial Macro Water Drops
Water drops on flowers, grass, branches, excluding dew
Nature Open
July Pictorial Formal Open
Nature Spring Flowers / Pollen
Any flower that grows in nature during the spring
August Pictorial Sports / Motion
Olympic, Team, Individual, Elements of “sports
Nature Formal Open
September Pictorial Open
Nature Insects Macro
Any insect close-ups, subject must fill most of the screen
October Pictorial Transportation
Anything that moves people, or freight
Nature Open
November Pictorial Formal Open
Nature Blue Hour / Golden Hour
Showcase that beautiful light!
December Pictorial Backlit Subject
May use flash, incandescent/LED, or Natures’ light (Sun-Moon)
Nature Open

* Format is informal unless otherwise noted

Critique Guidelines

Formal Print

  • Matted print only - no Frames
  • Mats may be "window' or flat mats
  • Maximum outside dimension of 20" x 24"
  • Maximum of 1/4" thick

Informal Print

  • Maximum of 1/8" thick
  • Maximum dimensions 8.5" x 12"

PDI - Projected Digital Print

  • Size: 1024 pixels width (max) x 768 pixels height (max)

For more information, see Bylaws (Article VIII Section 2).