Website Guidelines

Regarding youth:

  • Last names, last initials or any identifying information about youth members cannot be published on the web without parent's approval.
  • Pictures of youth may appear on the web as long as no name or other personal information is associated with the picture.
  • Under no circumstances shall the address, personal phone number or e-mail address of any youth be published on the Internet.

Regarding adults:

  • Names, phone numbers, and information about any adult can be published only with the approval of that individual.
  • E-mail addresses may be published, with the permission of the holder, if worthwhile benefit to the program would be achieved.
    • The E-mail address that is published should not be the home or business E-mail. Due to SPAM concerns, it is recommended that you create a separate E-mail for website communications.

Regarding commercialism:

  • Troop 163 sites cannot contain any advertisements or commercial endorsements.
  • No commercial logos, banners, or pop-ups are allowed. Exceptions in the case of Troop 163 include Google (who hosts our sites) and any information management software used by the Troop.