Starting a Merit Badge

There is a process in place to start a Merit Badge.

The Scout must contact the Scoutmaster to discuss the Merit Badge

  • This will insure that it is an appropriate Merit Badge at this time
  • Assure that they Scout has a manageable workload with other Merit Badges
  • The Scoutmaster will recommend a Merit Badge counselor to balance the workload of the counselors

The Scout must recruit at least one other Scout to start the Merit Badge with.

  • The Scoutmaster may have others that are interested in the Merit Badge
  • This helps to ensure proper ratios for adult to Scout and no one-on-one contact. The exception to one-on-one contact would be at public locations where others are, i.e. Scoutmaster at the Library, Before or after a meeting.

Once this is done the Scoutmaster or Advancement Coordinator will issue a "Blue Card" to track the Scout's Merit Badge progress.