A Scout is Thrifty; Troop 163 offers many opportunities for each Scout to be "Thrifty" and earn his own way.  By providing an avenue for a Scout to earn his own way we are giving him the opportunity to learn values that will stay with him the rest of his life.
Money from fundraisers helps purchase camping supplies for the Troop such as dutch ovens, tents, trailer tires and other gear we use regularly, Merit Badge patches, Rank Advancement patches and Eagle Presentation Packets. It is also a chance for the scout to earn money for his “camp account” to help pay for summer camp and other outings. (Camp accounts are individual accounts where Scouts accumulate money.) 

Troop 163 has traditionally sold wreaths for our annual fundraiser, but also does an annual Troop Garage Sale. Every scout is expected to participate in our annual fundraiser, if you don’t want to sell wreaths, you must pay a buy out of approximately $70. The Troop does not have any other weekly or montly dues, so this fundraiser is the Troop’s annual income.

In order to pay for troop equipment, supplies and patches for advancement, the Troop holds various fundraisers during the year. They include:


  • Camp Card Sales - February-April
  • Troop 163 Garage Sale- June
  • Troop 163 Food Stand – Slater Fourth of July
  • Wreath Sales *
  • Mid-Iowa Council - Great Iowa Popcorn Sale *
  • Friends of Scouting


* Scouts who participate in wreath sales earn a percentage of the sale. That percentage is applied to the scout’s camp account.  Popcorn sales directly benefits the Mid-Iowa Council, and that is one of their main sources of income. Plus the boys earn prizes and money for their camp account.


Your gift would be sincerely appreciated in order for these boys to be able to participate in this worthwhile program. Without you help, we cannot possibly provide the kind of program that our youth deserve. On behalf of Boy Scout Troop 163 we sincerely thank you for your generous donation.

If you would like to make a direct donation to the Troop, contact the Committee Chair or Treasurer. Donations to the Boy Scouts of America and Troop 163 may be tax deductible.